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Tournaments being spoiled.

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  • Tournaments being spoiled.

    Allright so something that annoys me quite alot:

    I bought the premier league 4 Ticket and i enjoyed it alot however theres something that spoils this.

    Which is that you can tell the outcome of many games after youve watched one single game.
    Most Tourneys are best of 3 lets make an example:

    Team A wins first round
    As there are only 2 games shown in the Recent games tab of the tournament information screen i know that team A will also win the second round, this is a huge spoiler.

    Another one:

    Team A wins the First game
    As there are three games shown in the Recent game tab of the tournament information screen i know that Team B will win the second game.

    This issue is limited to the second game however i sometimes consider not even watching the second game as in any case the outcome is clear

    Suggestion: in the recent games Tab of a tournamnt screen, dont show us each individual match that was played but only the Matchup e.g.
    No Tidehunter vs Team Empire Wed Mar 27

    If we click on it show only the first game until its been watched. Then show us the second game (not third though) in addition you can add a spoiler button to show us all 3 or 2 games in case we want to see a particular match because a friend told us "omg game 2 was so awesum"

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    This is a great idea and I agree. I've bought a lot of tournament tickets, especially considering the length I have been playing this game and the number of games I've played total. I've played roughly 200 games of Dota and I've bought 5 tournament tickets and watched somewhere above 100 pro games. (Maybe 200, I have no idea. A lot.)

    One thing I've noticed is that what makes one tournament better or more compelling than another tournament is not just the raw matches. I can get raw pro matches in the current meta pretty easily and if that was all I was looking for I could just buy the tournament with the most matches. What seperates the many tournaments for me is a narrative I find compelling, and I have noticed tournaments that I am able to catch live because of the time of day they broadcast are tournaments I get more excited about and am more willing to continue watching. When I watch a tournament after it has happened, the fact that the UI tells me the outcome makes me less invested in the particular narrative of that tournament.

    I think that the lack of this functionality impacts the bottom line because it reduces tournaments to something more akin to an encyclopedia or reference of the current pro metagame when you already know what has happened in the end. There are a lot of short tournaments that are $2-3, and I would be much more inclined to buy those if they were spoiler free. Otherwise, the only tournaments that are really worth buying are the big match-dense ones with couriers because you already get a ton of matches with those, the courier effect for watching the matches, and in the end you'll get a semblance of a compelling narrative because the thing was so damn long and you wanted your trail effect.


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      Decided to make a topic about this today, but you beat me to it
      I agree with the OP, this mechanic spoils games and i don't see why it has been implemented like this. A lot of youtube casters and other VOD sites upload anti-spoiler video's.
      My suggestion; make it so that the tournament tab shows what game's have been played as a BoX (Na'Vi vs. Fnatic [Bo3]), if you click the expand button it shows 3 buttons, one for every game where game 3 can be an anti-spoiler game. The match in the tournament tab can have an eye or a filled circle to indicate all matches have been watched and an empty circle to indicate some, but not all, matches have been watched.