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Single Player Campaign as tutorial

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  • GoldK
    I just want to say that the compendium campaign is a step in the right direction in attracting new players. I have seen some positive reaction from people who literally just wants to play Dota for the campaign and this can go a long way in bringing in new players.

    If Valve wants to monetize campaign feature, my suggestion is to have a free mini campaign that doubles as a tutorial to the basics in Dota while introducing the player to the lore so that new players can have a taste of it. Maybe throw in a coop mission with optional AI. Valve can then sell more expansive campaign that delves deep into the lore while still teaching players some Dota mechanics, possibly advance mechanics. Hopefully, it won't cost too much and has enough content to justify the price so people are more willing to buy it.

    A good example of a campaign is the lore of shadow demon and the player plays either nevermore or doom or even coop in an attempt to stop SD. The campaign can help the player practice last hitting and how to use neutral abilities with those two heroes while learning the lore of how SD was defeated.

    I was thinking maybe add exclusive cosmetics as campaign rewards so that even veterans would buy and play it. Bonus points if the cosmetic is relevant to the campaign.
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  • GoldK
    Just a heads up for Valve because some company is now implementing a PvE mode for their upcoming dota game.

    If Valve is playing the waiting game of someone doing it first before they do, then here it is. Someone has finally break away from the archaic belief that this genre is only PvP and single player campaign that will ease newbies and casual players into the game is not needed.

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  • GoldK
    Only if the old tutorial has a faster pace and don't bore newbies trying it. That's one problem I noticed when deadmau5 tried Dota tutorial. If it feels less of a tutorial and more of a single player lore campaign that also teaches the mechanics of the game, I'm sure newbies will find it enjoyable and it might help in making Dota an accessible game without compromising the mechanics that gave Dota immense depth.

    EDIT: With this kind of tutorial, it also means more assets for custom map makers to use if Valve isn't lazy in making those tutorials so a single player campaigns brings many benefits to the Dota community.

    If Valve wants to get money out of it, think of it as a long term investment. New and casual players pulled in by the improved tutorial will eventually spend money as they delve deeper into the game and making more profit for the company while providing the same excellent experience that Dota gives to both competitive and casual players.
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  • Blackie-Chan
    Can we get the old Tutorial back, coupled with the current one? I really enjoyed it as it gave some insight into the Lore (which I know most people don't care about, but then again, most people don't care about how realistic the water, shadows, random critters in-game look and we still got those).

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  • GoldK
    started a topic Single Player Campaign as tutorial

    Single Player Campaign as tutorial

    I would like to suggest that Valve make a single player campaign for Dota.

    Now before anyone claims that Dota is supposed to be a PvP game, let me remind you that there are tons of PvP games out there with a single player campaign. The intent of the suggestion is to slowly ease the players new to Dota to its immense depth while holding their interest with the immersion of single player campaign. Dota is not anymore limited by being a mod in WC3 and being worked on by voluntary developers. Dota is now a standalone game that makes money so it is only right that Dota's content is also expanded. If there is one undiscovered potential for this genre to improve, it's a full single player campaign to introduce newbies.

    How I thought of this idea is because I played Pokemon for a long time and every generation adds more and more complexity and mechanics into the game. Yet, Pokemon is still popular to both competitive adults and casual kids. In single player mode, players slowly learn how different type interacts with each other and how mechanics work with the help of a storyline. Even veterans can learn something especially with every new mechanics introduced every generation. By slowly easing players in with the help of a storyline, the learning curve is lessened. It draws both casual players for the story and the mini games in it and the competitive players for the competitive aspect of battling each other. Competitive Pokemon is actually being catered upon without making it too difficult for casuals and newbies.

    This can be implemented in Dota as well in term of episodes with different heroes. Not all heroes need to have one. Naga siren could introduce the concept of illlusions and how they are typically used in a Dota game while keeping the explanation in context with the story. Every episode covers certain mechanics like the dragon knight tutorial covering last hits and items although it needs to be a bit faster than it currently is. Single player campaign needs to feel less like a tutorial and more like an actual game that is fun while still teaching. Every episode can be classified under beginner intermediate and advanced with different hero being feature in each episode and showing off mechanics in the form of a short story. One episode might require the player to juke using trees and cut a path to complete the story while the other teaches disjointing of spells and the whole objective revolves around those mechanics to ensure that the players focuses on it. It will be like mini games with stories that tells more about the world of Dota.

    I honestly think Dota can still grow in playerbase with the addition of a single player campaign. Other than a short tutorial, none of the other dota games have yet to explore this idea because of the old and archaic belief that this genre is not meant to have a single player mode that stems from the limitation of the original DotA. The genre is well know for being punishing but I honestly think that's because no one has ever introduced a proper single player mode that makes the entrance to the genre easier. Removing mechanics is not how you make it accessible. It's how you eases players in to the depth of the game that makes it accessible. I think it would be worth it to try implementing this idea.