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New Dota 2 Tutorials - Suggestion

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  • New Dota 2 Tutorials - Suggestion

    I would like to revamp the tutorial experience to invite and engage both new players and old players. New players will experience the step by step mechanics and pass through tutorials on what makes Dota different from other MOBA. For old players, this will aid them about the new patches/update that changes every year.

    The active players are dwindling, most due to old players hibernating or new incoming players getting spook by the game after a lacking tutorial. I am one of those inactive players that plays on other moba(different platform/game) but also wish to come back to dota if I manage. One reason is people play with friends, and the demography of dota players are getting older. I have a lot of friends without MOBA experience and most of them did with other games. I tried to invite them to Dota but the new player experience does not engage them enough and often feel lost, thus this suggestion.

    Getting to the point, my suggestions are the following:

    *A better new player survey which calibrates their MOBA knowledge.
    This will help them skip some tutorials but still can go back to it. It will ask if they know MOBA, have they played it, what platform (mobile/pc), have dota experience.

    * The earlier survey will determine the skillset of the player and will be offered with tutorials of the MOBA genre, what is common, and what is unique to Dota. There will be separate missions and checkboxes specific to the task/mechanic rather than a one for all have it all tutorial. They can either skip that mechanic and try that mechanic. The tutorials will also be categorized to compliment new players for the basic mechanics, and advance tutorials for returning players about huge updates, game change/new meta. Such tutorials will be:

    -Introduction to MOBA ( The tutorial video of dota will do)

    -The MOBA mechanics (#heroes, lanes, creep, jungle, tower, ancient, fountain, camera may initally be locked ) videos will also be present and the experience mode

    -Basic Dota Mechanics (camera, reliable and unreliable gold, creep cs to tower deny, stacking, warding, terrain (high ground), runes, creep blocking, outpost (which is new to me even now), roshan (basic info), trees, fog of war, shop locations, courier, night and day, basic game timer, hp, mana, cooldown etc)

    -Intermediate Dota Mechanics (advance game timer (camp/rune/outpost time), hotkeys, tree planting, tree cutting, fortify, scanning, town portals, basic consumables, basic regen effects, jungle item drop mechanic (still new to me, I last played Feb 2018 and a few games in august of 2019), movement speed, turn rates, attack speed, Basic Active Items and their effect, type of damage pure/phys/mag, jungle and ancient, etc)

    -Advance Dota Mechanics (cast point/cast delay, pulling, camp blocking (with wards as well), skill interactions, types of vision, what pierces what, advance item effects(linkens, lotus orb), types of mobility (flying, grounded, blink), attributes and their stat influence, orb effects/passive items, armor, move speed, turn rates, magic resistance, status resistance, spell amplification, spell immunity, collision size, damage block, creep aggro, tower aggro (change target), lane management (may be included with pulling), hp reduction, ressurection, buy back, jungle creep interactions (skill and their spawn box), jungle and ancient location, blind, disarm, mute, break and all their interactions, of course the AGHANIMS mechanic, and so on. Of course this is Dota and these stuff's what make the game great and make other seem bleak in comparison)

    *Those tutorials must not be a one for all but separated each unless they are side by side mechanic. I will not be the judge what is intermidate or advance. This will be a checkbox for both old and new. For old players, if a new mechanic is added, a new uncheck box will appear, may it be intermidate(outpost, jungle drop) or advance (new spell immunity and magic damage interaction - damage pierce)

    Old and removed will also be included with the tutorials page, side shops, notifying them what is still in there and this is not. Changes in runes (time and location if both sides, runes will appear or not) will also be updated even in the basic tutorial and will uncheck even for active veteran players, ancient and jungle creep location as well. This will basically be your interactive patch note for Dota.

    For new heroes ( both new release and new for the player), a tutorial or skill demo must be required in order to unlock the hero and use it on either normal,rank turbo and so on. A skill demo will be the short unlock for the hero and the tutorial will be a fast turbo like 1v1 in demo island (hero practice island) where u destroy tier 1 tower starting from lvl 1. Of course it will have rewards (skins for jungle/tower/ward or the hero itself). This can be integrated to new hero release and be a part of the event that will be permanent from there on.

    With this new unlock method,old and veteran players have to update and orient themselves about the new hero and its interaction and additions such as aghanims, and for new players, will make them interact with each playable heroes. Before they can proceed to normal matchmaking, they must unlock 10 heroes before proceeding. They may unlock all heroes at once or the heroes they just want to be.

    The tutorials will also have a score. It will determine how the player do in cs, if they are blocking well ( like if they can greatly block it and not reach a line or treshold, high score) and their understanding of the mechanic (may quiz them if they take it, rewards is a must), this will further calibrate new players for their matchmaking experience. If the new account skipped all tutorials or most of it, or aced such tutorials, they will be matched with intermidate/veteran players right away in normal matchmaking. Ranked matchmaking will still be locked until a certain number of normal matches, and all heroes must be unlocked. This will prevent smurfers as this will be tedious but engaging for both new and returning players.

    About the lore, the story must be introduced to further immerse the player base and could be a ground for marketing dota. I like to hook new players and show them that there is more to Dota. Hell even I do not know much of their story aside from their actual names, (akasha, kardel sharpeye, nevermore, and carl(lol). Such heroes may have a story mode campaign or could be integrated with the tutorials/demo to at least introduce the hero and their background. Their acquisition of their skills and ultimate ability may provide background about the hero and more also about the mysterious aghanims and its ability to influence varying heroes. This will surely hook a lot of new players about what makes Dota different.

    I hope this helps and may provide good insight about the game. Complex does not always mean hard. They just need to be introduce to. This will make them not feel lost as it will put everyone one the same page. They just have to master and remember so when they play and see it, they will say "Oh yeah I remember that you can do that" rather than, "what is going on, that is unfair".

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    I'm also one of those players, that have stopped playing. I dont think a tutorial is going to change anything though. Once new players use it, they will still be faced with the current "meta".

    Dota used to be about creating your own build, and having it be viable,. What we currently have, is a game where only a few heros and builds work. Those heros, and builds, work because they are far superior than others. I'm pretty sure that's when you are supposed to nerf things, when people are constantly using them, over others.
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      I would approve if they overhaul tutorials to each hero have its own and separated tutorial, in regards for both lore and skillset that each hero has alone.
      For instance, the entire tutorial campaign of Medusa would be different from Puck, as both heroes has different abilities, different roles and also different lores.