Some of my friends and I have been playing Dota 2 for a long time. From our understanding, people who get into Dota 2 and work hard to learn it, will stay for a long time. However, it's not that easy for some people to "get into" Dota 2 as it was for me and some of my friends. For example, I really admire the way that League of Legends has set up their website to help new players in an easy but informative manner ( A "getting started" page would be really helpful for new player to understand the game. What is a hero? What is an item? and other information explaining how you play against 5 real life players (or bots), ranked mode, random draft and all the other modes. There is much more information that could be put onto the website to help new players!

In regards to the title, "Referral System," Dota 2 is not growing its player base/community as fast as it could be. There needs to be a better system in place to entice players to START playing and to INVITE players to come join the fun. One way this could be done is through a Referral System. Players who already own the game could refer a friend to try it out. Refer 10 friends and you get a special treasure with sets in Dota 2... This is only one thing that could be done and YES other games have done it in the past. Think of something NEW that other games haven't done which will entice new players to join and use your old playerbase to expand and grab these new players.

Thanks for reading,