The new player experience is bad and it is hurting long term growth of the game.

My suggestions for improving the new player experience:

1. Limit passive and easy bot match games to 1 minute queue times. Anxiety/excitement while searching for the first few games is high, so the search times should be short to prevent new players from abandoning the queue. If match making cannot find 5 players, fill the slots with 1 level difficulty higher bots. For example if the passive match cannot find enough players to fill the slots, then fill with 2 "easy bots." If easy game cannot find players, then will with medium bots.

2. Limit medium and hard matches to 2 or 3 minute queue times. If not enough players are found, then replace the players with medium bots. For insane bot matches, limit to human only players.

3. If players abandon a game, replace the player with a bot using the same rules as above in all matches.

4. Require the first match for every new account be a passive bot match. The second game be a passive or easy. The third match be passive, easy or medium. Then the fourth and onward can be bot matches or against humans. Hopefully you can get some stats from these games for better smurf detection.