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Epitome of why I'm muted.

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  • Epitome of why I'm muted.

    I rarely if ever post on forums, to be frank, I just don't care enough... I move on and play on. But after two straight losses due to a completely atrocious player, here I am~!

    I'm here because this player "wUbInG", steam-ID [STEAM_0:1:38402] in match 202049419 deliberately threw a game, and egged our entire team on.

    It literally wouldn't take anyone more than 5-10 mins~ of watching the replay to draw the conclusion of him being a burden to DotA 2. To highlight a couple of his traits, destroying team items, a calculated troll skill / item build, trash talk, etc...

    He's truly quite the gem. He's also an example of my "kryptonite", a reason why I, at times, have raged and been muted.


    FCUK wUbInG :3

  • #2
    People don't deal with trolls the right way. You did not deal with this the right way.

    When someone makes mistakes, and you KINDLY ask them to do something else or not repeat said mistake... and then they keep doing it. You don't start flaming them! You don't. You annonymously report them. That's it. Nothing else. This way you get no mute ban and you never play with them ever again!


    • #3
      Firstly, I've used up my two reports on players like him already for this week... To sum that up, he gets of scott free.

      Secondly, you clearly didn't watch the replay had you watched the first 5-10 mins (or the entirety of the game) you'd see there was no right way to deal with this. He never made an effort to change anything he blatantly stated he was trolling and wants us to lose.

      If I could be so bold as to assume what bracket you play in, I'd assume it were the lower tier brackets. Not that I have anything against you personally but the mentality you're bringing to the table just indicates as such. When you've played MOBA's for 5+ years and play top tier games you don't often get players who are straight up NEW like you're describing. What you get are players who deliberately try and ruin the experience for as many people as possible. That's all.


      • #4
        Okay, I'm the lowest MMR in the universe for Dota 2.

        As for dealing with problems, there is a right way and a wrong way. If you believe you dealt with it the right way, then continue to do so. Nothing I say will change anything. Why ask a forum for an option if you are not willing to consider other's opinion?
        I MUTED YOU.


        • #5
          @Nova, I'm not rebutting here, but... Did you even watch the video?

          Did you see what he was doing? In addition to that he did the SAME thing the game prior just to the opposite team.


          • #6
            Originally posted by AeiOwnedU View Post
            @Nova, I'm not rebutting here, but... Did you even watch the video?

            Did you see what he was doing? In addition to that he did the SAME thing the game prior just to the opposite team.
            Don't bother trying to use logic with Nova. It's just another troll that eggs on the community about how the ban is system is perfectly fine.


            • #7
              I agree with aeiownedu FUCK that guy wubshit