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I am leaving games whenever I get angry

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  • I am leaving games whenever I get angry

    Valve can blow me.

    As long as this shitty mute system is on and the terrible matchmaking I will be leaving games that stop being fun anymore. I abandoned 3 games in the last 3 days. It may seem little but it's a lot if you think about it. I am constantly on low priority, which is another shitty system but then again does Valve care? Not really. Just keep working on your store, surely it fucking makes some people happy.

    Europe west, English preference, the only guy in a team of 5 who speaks is a Russian with a microphone. He wasn't such a bad dude, had a nice tone unlike those ruskies who speak like someone just buttraped them and they've got grumpy cause of it. Sadly I could not tell the guy to speak English because guess fucking what, I am muted. How the fuck am I supposed to play? God at least fix this fucking matchmaking the mute system can stay. I can still have good games with a couple decent players in my team. There is no need to speak if everyone knows what they're doing anyway. A bunch of retards + silence is the worst thing that can happen. Either fix the mute system or the matchmaking, it's impossible to play with BOTH OF THEM.

    Fuck's sake Valve. I used to have much respect for you, but over the course of the last few months I see you are just a greedy shit-company that every other video game company is turning into. First Blizzard then Bioware and now Valve. All my favorites just have to go and take it up the ass. I am giving up on the industry completely.
    Got banned for a month for insulting a brony.. totally worth it.

  • #2
    bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

    go back to WC3 and experience the true randomness of pub again.


    • #3
      fuck matchmaking, the MUTE SYSTEM has to go. I did made 2 russians to assist the team non-stop, without communication I cannot handle the situation. Mates are kinda newbies and cares just about gold. Without me telling them that the only way to win is to stick together and don't be afraid to fail , we are so dead. VALVE doesn't even care about their site... Didn't saw any response from a Developer...


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        You deserve it.


        • #5
          I hope you understand that you're part of the very few people in the entire DotA 2 community that managed to get BOTH penalties. Maybe you should stop blaming everyone including multiple game devs and other players, and start fixing your own childish attitude instead.


          • #6
            Leaving games because I cannot communicate and there is not an ounce of fun in them is childish, okay.

            I just uninstalled, hopefully this shit will be fixed soon so we can return to the Dota we know.
            Got banned for a month for insulting a brony.. totally worth it.


            • #7
              I've already gone back to WC3 dota. Dota 2 has become completely unplayable and unenjoyable. Every game I get in I have teammates throwing, leaving, unable to communicate. Dota 2 went from the best to the worst game I've ever played simply because of this mute system. Nevermind the fact that I actualy ENJOY trashtalking in my games (it always feels good to crush some flaming fag) this is the most broken game and is trash compared to what dota once was. I have always been a huge Valve fanboy, even hoping that I could one day work there, but I can safely say, FUCK YOU VALVE!!!!!


              • #8
                I also enjoy communication. But I must say that there are fewer people who curse, flame, spam GG in first 5 min, because 2 people died. I had someone in a match today that was on the phone while playing, he missed his ulties and everything, but I still enjoyed the match because I could tease him a bit and he was cool about it and he teased me back I even commended him for being friendly.
                There is a difference between friendly tease and fun trash talk and constant text abuse. I hope things will improve in next couple of months and people will stop reporting people for no reason and others will stop constantly raging.
                For instance. We were winning, and my team-mate totally missed ultie and he panicked and started running. It was really bad, but what worsened it was that our semi-carry started insulting him over text and so he died as well and we ended being team wiped. We still won, because we were much more farmed, but if he wouldn't rage, and played instead, we wouldn't even loose that team fight.
                I know there are a lot of fake reports. I had people who said to report someone in allchat even though it wasn't just, but when I see this topics where people rage over this mute system I always remember the angry people in game who ping, rage and insult constantly. I am not pro-mute, and I think that system really needs improvements, but this constant rage topics really doesn't help.