Hi there, I've noticed this problem for a while now where when I type using any key bound to open 'Console' either in party/guild/lobby or even in-game chat, it will open the console.

Let's say: I am playing and my console button is bound to 'C', and I'm typing in chat something with the letter 'C', the console will open which is problematic.

This bug started after a few patches this year as I recall, it is annoying that every time we chat the console pops up if we type the key bound to it. It is even more problematic as when we open the console, we are taken to the main menu which may interrupt our game if we are in-game. I've checked this, it also happens in Dota 2 Reborn Beta.

If anyone has any information regarding this or a way of fixing it, please share.
Please fix this bug, thank you in advance!