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"wanted" player stats

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  • "wanted" player stats

    May be you can add thats to "player dota 2 profile":


    *1: <total played games> ( <wins count> / <losses count> / <left game count> )
    *2: <total count> ( <count from last 10 games> / <count from last 25 games> / <count from last 50 games> )
    I am from Russia, sorry for my english. Даешь русскую ветку на этом форуме !!!

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    I can't disagree more. I think the developers put quite a lot of thought into what gets shown, and what doesn't. I don't want to type a wall of text on this, but here is a post on reddit that I kind of agree with:
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      i dont want stats. I exaxtly think the same what is written in the upper link


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        You have something to hide ? Your stats is so awfull, that you ashamed of other people ?
        You think, they will have good opinion about you, if have stats if game like 5 kill, 20 death and 0 assists in game ? How can i know, that peopple in lobby enough good player for me ? Or may be you play just for fun and win or loose game does not matter for you, when you play without your friends ?
        In stats, what i shown, information posted from last 10/25/50 games - its more impotant, it can show you real skill. Total stats is only for fun.
        I am from Russia, sorry for my english. Даешь русскую ветку на этом форуме !!!


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          They should remove the win counter. You can easily judge people by comparing their wins + commendations.
          It's already nice that they decided not to show losses, but given that commendations are shown, one should not be able to estimate how likely someone is to be commended and thus prejudge a player.

          As for the topic, I don't really know what stats we could need more. None I guess.


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            Why do you think its wrong ? Can you name any reason, why other people must not to know how you can play ? Commendations sets by other people, it can't show your skill.

            I think, valve must create voting for that:
            - Add full stats
            - Add stats just as option (visible only for me/friends/all people)
            - No stats

            With this you agree?
            I am from Russia, sorry for my english. Даешь русскую ветку на этом форуме !!!


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              I can only say that the very detailed stats provided in HoN only serves to fuel peoples hate. They will find something they think you suck at and hammer away with the flame gun.

              Definitely a deliberate choice by Valve to only show wins, but not losses. In the end, they will cause more grief than good. Hell, OP already took statsbased potshots with little to no information available.

              Trust that the matchmaking system will work, especially when more and more players join up. Public is for tournaments, premade 5v5's and lolmodes where individual player skill doesn't really affect who should be allowed to play.


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                Stats are overall not an accurate measure of a players skill, yet other players will still judge each other based upon them. For this reason I do not think that they should be shown.

                The average support heros like Omniknight or Rhasta should not get many kills, yet will inevitably get ganked and die. If I were to play only supports my KDR might be .3 or .4. Then when I play a carry to help round out the team who has already picked tanks and supports it opens the door for flaming at "bad KDR on carry, GG" and reduces the team's optimism. I saw this time and time again on HoN and it's something I never liked. I do not mind the information being displayed privately, or even with an option to be shown public, but this is not something that should be the default for all players.

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                  Понимали бы вы по русски, я бы вам расказал

                  If you have KDR < 0.4 and pick carry - game will be lost with very high probability. If your teammate does not know before they pick heroes - you ruined game for others. If they know before - they can try to fix it.

                  Stats can be available before game start (before matchmaking) - so you can find teammate in channels. But how can know, how they are playing ? Enough good, or maybe you are noob versus them ?
                  I am from Russia, sorry for my english. Даешь русскую ветку на этом форуме !!!


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                    I might go for showing wins and losses, but Dota is a team game, and the only winning should matter in the end. Personal stats can help judge a player's skill, but I do hate when players alter their gameplay and decisions because of the personal stats. For example, a support hesitating to suicide themselves for the carry to live.

                    I like personal stats as much as the next guy, but we've seen the consequences of these stats and not having them does make the community a little less uptight.

                    Oh, and your suggestion pic looks exactly like the HoN stat page, you could contribute to the "Suggestions from other games" thread.


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                      2nd posts link points it all out, there is nothing more to say.
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                            2nd post sums it up. Don't ever think of showing it.


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                              i dunno .... i kinda like ppl thinking im noob, why spoil it by letting them see my stats ><
                              "Dota 2 will have LAN mode. There are some systems that LAN mode requires that we haven't finished yet, mainly because we've been focused on matchmaking. We know how important this feature is for the community"

                              GUESS WHAT!!?!??!!??!
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