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Ongoing in-game chat issue for new players

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  • Ongoing in-game chat issue for new players

    I apologize for the potentially duplicated thread, but I am afraid that none of the discussions that touched this topic were able to provide conclusive details why this may be happening and how to resolve it.

    In short, I have been a Steam user for years (even though my games were not directly purchased from the Steam shop) and I have been occasionally playing Dota 2 to practice with bots during the past year.

    I have just recently started playing with friends around the time of the latest update and noticed the following problematic behavior with in-game chat:
    • If I play in a party with higher rated friends, I am able to send chat messages, but cannot see any of the allied chat whatsoever
    • If I play solo with other new players (1-8 level in Dota 2), I cannot even type in chat due to a "Chat is muted" message - I have played only around 10 games and didn't have the chance to communicate, so I find it unlikely that I am chat banned
    • The option to "Mute all chat" is disabled, nor have I muted any players - double checked this several times
    • I am only able to receive the last chat messages after the game has already ended

    Needless to say, this puts a huge gameplay burden in a heavily team based game, as pinging and chat wheel commands are not always sufficient.

    It appears that the symptoms above are common for a large number of new players (while longer time players do not seem to have a problem). Unfortunately, I have only stumbled upon speculations how to resolve this and not a single official announcement from the developer, which is rather strange considering my impression that this restriction or bug was not existing until now.

    Some of the users believe that:
    • This is associated with the Steam account level and requires a purchase of at least 5 dollars/euro

      It would be great if someone could confirm whether this resolved the problem, but I am reluctant to purchase something I don't need just for the sake of it considering that several people mentioned that they have recently bought games or tried this method to no avail.

    • I also have friends playing Dota 2 for a longer time who haven't actually made any purchases in the Steam Shop and have no issues with in-game chat, which may indicate that the above theory is not really true.

      Having the above in mind, is it possible that the restriction is only present for a low in-game level?

    I am sorry for the long post, but wanted to summarize the available information in the hope that someone was able to work around this problem and has a solid clue why chat does not function properly for a certain amount of players.

    I was also unable to find the proper channel to ask customer support by Steam/Valve/Dota 2 for verified information, as the officially listed contact is the developer forum, but no one has responded to any of the chat related reports so far.

    Any insight will be appreciated.

  • #2
    Thanks for the post, i got same problem too like cannnot chat in game but can chat after the game finish. I hope someone can help us pls this is so disgusting. Sorry


    • #3
      I'm having the same issue.

      On the bright side, my matches are pretty chill because I can't see anyone flaming me


      • #4
        The issue has no longer been present for me during the past two games (one with a friend and one solo) - since I have not taken any of the speculated actions, it looks likely that the behavior was indeed not intended. Hopefully this would be permanently fixed for all players, although I still find it a bit disappointing that there was no actual feedback.


        • #5
          What's your level? I heard that the chat ban will be lifted after you reached level 10. Did you just hit level 10?


          • #6
            i'm having this issue too my hole team and the enemy team couldn't send messages .
            when i try to , i get " chat is muted"


            • #7
              Hey, animuted, I am presently level 8 - there have been no level changes between the games I still had no chat and the last two games where it started working fine.

              Someone also mentioned a theory that this may disappear after 20 games - not sure about that either, I had around 23-24 games at the time, although it is possible that a couple of them were not counted due to other players abandoning?


              • #8
                Hi, I'm having the same problem too after recent updates from Steam. I'm also a new player that only reach level 8 and has only been playing for a month. Before the updates, I could see all my teammates chat during game, but after recent updates I can only see chat wheel command. And I've already make sure that "mute all chat" is disable. Only one thing I found different from your situation is that when my friend (he's an old steam account user) and I created a party and we both join the game together, though I couldn't see any message from team chat, but I could see what he's typing to the team in team chat. Hope that this is just a bug and can get fix immediately, or else it's very frustrating for a new player that's trying to learn from his mistakes.


                • #9
                  New addition:
                  Chat is muted for 20 games for new users
                  This is to combat chat bots in regional channels that advertise illegal things.
                  James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
                  * 25.02.16 - 26.02.16


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
                    New addition:

                    This is to combat chat bots in regional channels that advertise illegal things.
                    Nope, I've played 21 matches already, but still i couldn't see team chat.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
                      New addition:

                      This is to combat chat bots in regional channels that advertise illegal things.
                      No, because I can still chat in regional, Post Game, and in-game once the ancient has fallen. Just no chat (either received or sending) in-game while the game is still ongoing.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by kimneoh View Post
                        Nope, I've played 21 matches already, but still i couldn't see team chat.
                        Were any of them in Limited Heroes or other modes? Perhaps it only counts 5v5 All Pick.


                        • #13
                          well i completed my 20 matches , and i was able to send "gg" at the end of my 20th match .


                          • #14
                            Same here my 21st match we could have won... if I was able to explain them the all mod and ignore the split pushing...


                            • #15
                              This mute sucks... I cannot inform noobs about the strategy of snatched line up of our enemies...
                              They ended up chasing them and thought them time to farm enough...