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[BUG - Ingame] Text is not shown, instead of letters are white boxes

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  • [BUG - Ingame] Text is not shown, instead of letters are white boxes

    Title says it, got also a screenshot.

    Restarting the game didnt help, validating the cache did.
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    It's morse code.


    • #3
      Wow! That's weird. Do you have this only ingame or also at other screens like the lobby? I really don't know what you can do besides validating the cache (which you already did). Maybe locating the file that contains the fonts an manually deleting (/renaming) it might help.


      • #4
        it was also in the main menu, but I guess only the text in some special font.
        But since it was only one time bug and got fixed by validating theres no big problem,
        just sucks when u are ingame and can't read a shit
        (not even your gold or the chat, luckily I had a mate there who could tell me how much gold I had... xD)
        and u lose the game partially to this handicap.


        • #5
          This happened to me once when I was spectating a game. Can't think of any ways to replicate it, although I did alt-tab at some point.


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            moved to a more fitting section and edited the title.
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              happened to me 15 minutes ago as I started dota2. Validating cache now.

              - Booting didnt help (stated alrdy)
              - Mine was only in the lobby --> as I tried to host a practise game, game crashed. (crash as I pressed "play" button after picking.)

              - now patching? could this have something to do with the patches and servers in which we connect to ? (old new file communication from client to server etc? )


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                Same thing happened to me today. Everything was fine after the first Troll patch but after the second minipatch all the text is boxes both in lobby and in matches. Is there a fix for that?

                BTW I'm a new member. If there is allready an answer for this that didn't manage to find I'm sorry.

                EDIT: fixed with validating dota files.
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