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Practice Lobbies: I want to insist

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  • Practice Lobbies: I want to insist

    I know this kind of topic has been discussed quite a lot already on the dev forums, but I have the feeling that this problem hasn't been given the proper attention it deserves. A problem that is one of the biggest and most annoying problems of the current Dota 2 Beta.

    I know you have lots of things to sort out and fix in this game, dear Valve. I know you are working on many things that are destined to make this great game, even more fabulous than it already is. I love all the updates you are bringing us weekly with all the care and attention put even into the info sharing on the blog, BUT...
    Practice Lobbies are a disaster and are making beta testers quite annoyed.

    What the practice lobbies need are a few basic things which of course you definitely know about (since you made fine server browsing for other games like Counter strike, Team Fortress 2 etc...) but I'm putting them there just for the sake of underlining how missing essential features/functions, like these ones here below, can annoy someone.
    Here are the main suggestions to fix such annoyances:

    1) More available practice lobbies in the list. The number 5 is a quite small number, and doesn't allow players to browse the various lobbies (especially since point 3 (that I talk about below here) isn't fixed). Give us pages and pages of lobbies to choose from, but seriously not just five;

    2) When you join a lobby have a some sort of sign/symbol that makes people recognise WHO the host is! (so everyone can see if it's the same host that was afk earlier when they tried to join the same room);

    3) If the host leaves the lobby and there are other players in the lobby, SOMEONE ELSE becomes the HOST (As of now, the fact that this kind of function isn't there, causes lobbies to be populated with no hosts that may allow the game to start);

    4) If the host is afk for more than a certain period of time the lobby dies OR someone else becomes the HOST;

    5) Add a search/filter function (player, lobby name, all pick, captain mode etc..);

    6) Allow us to invite friends or anyone ingame to a particular lobby;

    This is a serious issue. The sooner it is fixed, the better. Not everyone wants to play matchmaking as soon as they join the game. Especially if they are new to Dota. And they really don't want to spend half of their time searching for a lobby that hasn't got an afk host (cause of point 3 not being fixed)... No one wants to spend their time spamming a password to another created lobby just to get a game started. Valve fix this! this is very basic and essential stuff!
    I know there is lots and lots of things to fix and implement, I am aware of how much work is needed to create such a game.

    All I'm asking is to consider to prioritize this problem. After that you can continue being awesome, while fixing bugs and implementing heroes and new awesome ways to improve community health! (I'm so glad that features like community health and replay system are being, and have been prioritized even in beta). I love a great game, but I love a game even more if it has a great community Especially in this kind of game, where it is easy to ruin each others' experience with inhuman rage!

    I love the awesome job you're doing with the game and wish you the best as always.

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    If you want to practice, play with Bots! They are really good, noobs wont last there long, but they can train.
    Biggest German eSports Community - Biggest German Dota 2 Community


    • #3
      this is not just about practicing or playing the game... I played lots of matches with bots.
      If all I wanted was matches I'd be playing matchmaking all the time and and bots of course. What I want though is for them to implement the "essentials" asap.
      Would you say the same thing to a player that wants to play a practice game with people, once the game is released? "Play with bots"? That would be absurd ;P

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      • #4
        This problem need a emergency attention , Developers plz fix this annoying problem


        • #5
          Yeah I'm not sure why they're taking so long on this. Are they revamping the practice system or something?


          • #6
            +1 this indeed. good suggestions, which are really needed imho


            • #7

              Well they just launched their other Beta. I'm pretty sure they're twice as busy at the moment. I don't think that game even has a practice lobby.


              • #8
                Good suggestions all around. +1


                • #9
                  personally i dont give a shit about practice matches until they release all the heroes, put in a tutorial for new players, fix the friends list, make the spectator system horizontally scalable through terricotta... Practice matches in its current form was meant to be for tournament use only. It will receive a complete revision eventually, but its not a priority. Matchmaking is the priority and will be the key to the games success at launch. You guys seem to forget that after the international they said that they really weren't expecting alot of people in the beta or expecting this much interest in their game.

         They even said that they are changing their philosophy and inviting people as soon as they can support them whether the game is ready or not just because people "just wanna play".

                  So relax, its beta, be thankful you have any chance at all to play, they are busy, they will get around to it. But its in no way a priority right now.


                  • #10
                    A "host located in..." indication would be useful too.


                    • #11
                      need an easy way to join a friends pracitce game also!!


                      • #12
                        Thing I think the lobby needs.
                        Being able to name games.
                        Being able to see settings.
                        Being able to see host.

                        Host having more options.
                        Custom map support.
                        Being able to make lobby private and public from inside lobby.
                        Being able to send invite to custom game.


                        • #13


                          • #14
                            Yeah, hurts so much.


                            • #15
                              yes i log on and atleast 50% of the time all the hosts are afk so it is ipossible to join a match....