When I read the update news I was expecting something that isn't in it. Let's take another Valve game, Team Fortress 2, for example. On its backpack, to scroll pages you can just press A to go back and D to proceed to the next page, you can do that while moving items which makes it really easy to organize your stuff.
Now, in Dota 2, on the old backpack or the new armory, to move an item you have to drag the item, move it to the button you have to click to change pages, drag away from it and hover at it again until you get to the page you want to drop it.
Organizing your items in Dota 2 the way it is now is a big chore and I hope thie way you scroll pages is changed to something like it is in TF2.

Additionally, I love cosmetics based on in-game items. Like Void's Battle Fury, Riki's Sange and Yasha, CM's Eul's and so on. This is my personal collection(I really want more!):

I really think they should have something on their description to distinguish them from original cosmetics. Like an additional description string, or a sub quality of sorts so you have an easy time searching for them or even making a proper filter.