With the release of 6.79, I have seen many casual players get confused by the many new mechanics and changes in the patch. Since most players don't usually notice the Update heading in the "Today" tab (and just quickly click on the "Play" or "Store" tabs), many of them don't know about 6.79 and that leads to a lot of confusion and accusations of 'hacking'.

A pop-up (similar to the "Successful report; action taken" pop-up) notifying players of a major new update (numbered patches, Dota2-specific patches, etc.) with a link to the Update tab would be immensely helpful to anyone who plays Dota 2 on a more casual basis.

Of course, whether or not the player actually reads the patch notes is up to them but at least they will know that Dota 2 has been updated and ignorance of any new changes is their own fault.