Hi, this is a suggestion to increase the functionality of the friends list whilst on the menu screen.

The way Dota 2 works now -

- Green List(Dota 2 currently playing)
- Blue List(Steam online friends)
- Grey List(Steam offline friends)

I am suggesting the addition of a list that would basically list members within your team, I know that it is possible to be in multiple teams, but to avoid the friends list getting messy only allow one team to be displayed, this could be accomplished through some sort of option such as "shortcut this team" within your team settings, this list would always show the 5 people within the team if they were offline, playing, online, in a different game, anything.

I post this option due to always playing with the same bunch of friends/team and sometimes it can be a pain to find them due to having 70+ people on my friends list, to get around this I have grouped them, however the grouping options don't follow into Dota.

- Vultima