I don't have screenshots right now, but if I am invited to a party while my client is out of date, clicking either [Accept] or [Decline] (either first, both had same result) would give me the "Your client is out of date" notification. Dismissing said notification would return you to the party invitation dialog. Repeat with either button, doesn't matter which button you hit the first time. The only way to make the invitation go away is to force-quit the client, get the client updated, then decline.

This is a bit of an annoyance because the party invitation dialog window covers up a lot of things (especially at lower resolutions) and if I am doing things such as editing hero builds, going through my armory, or browsing the store while the invitation comes in, I have to drop everything and this is counter-productive when I'm in the middle of editing filters or writing a block of text in a tooltip for a guide and I can't even see the relevant save buttons to save my work because auto-save won't kick in even if I idle forever. It also blocks the shop/purchase buttons/cart/checkout button, game scoreboards, dota profiles, replay buttons, etc.

I know the client should be kept up-to-date as well as possible but I should be able to at least have the ability to save my stuff before quitting. This is like a Windows Update window popping up in the middle of a game or something telling you to reboot and clicking anything other than the [Reboot Now] button will result in Windows non-chalantly beeping at you. I've had this happen many times already (most recent occasion being the Flesh Heap refresh update for Diretide) and wish getting invited to a party wasn't such a hard inconvenience.

Problem: Party invitation does not go away when [Decline] is pressed, out-of-date notification pops up instead while invitation stays on screen permanently despite dismissal
Expected result: Party invitation goes away since I am not joining the party and/or entering matchmaking
Steps to reproduce:
1) Try to do some work
2) Have patch rolled out while client is running
3) Get invited to a party
4) Hit Decline

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post an in-game UI bug report. This seemed like the most relevant place to post it.