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adding concede or forfeit button

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  • adding concede or forfeit button

    adding a button like hon or lol after 30 mintues to let 4/5 vote to lose. maybe add a game mechanism to say check that the team is indeed losing. say 1:1 ratio or less so that it's not a "joke" forfeit etc...
    f. e
    game is 5-30, you guys are the losing ones... 4 out of 5 want to quit at 30... with a ratio thingy u only need 3 out of 5 votes...
    my idea:
    1:1 ratio @ 30 = 4/5 votes
    1:2 ratio @ 30 = 3/5 votes another more.. well it's kinda obvious etc...

  • #2
    i agree, except maybe even earlier
    like the 15 minute time limit in hon
    when its 0-10 in normal mode, its hard as shit to come back
    especially when there is no team communication
    just a freakin waste of time without a way to concede


    • #3
      And from there

      Not hard to search boys.


      • #4
        w/e, all i know is quite a few amount of people are gonna give up on this game if they have to sit through stalling when the game is already over in their eyes
        that feeling is annoying as hell
        just wanted to vent out my frustration since the thread is already closed really


        • #5
          yea there should be such thing, but only 5/5 votes. people have tendency to forfeit games even if they didnt lose base (tier3) towers.


          • #6
            please NO never implement that i hate ff especially when i play on carry --- 10:00 farm 20:00 farm 30:00farm gang tripplekill ff gg wtf!!!!!!! its so annoying when your opponents dont even try to fight back after 1 bad (for them) fight they just ff every game & this happens way too often
            ff just gives u a legal way to leave game & ruin it for your opponent without getting a leave penalty


            • #7
              u r geek! if they dont wanna play with or against u let them out!


              • #8
                please implement some sort of concede feature.
                There are so many kids in this game who will prolong a win for ever. go jungle/creep for 20 mins when game is over. not attack towers/rax but farm fountain for like 15 mins..... such a huge waste of time for so many players.


                • #9
                  Yes please add. The majority want concede.


                  • #10
                    a forfeit feature would be nice! but please don't add a kick feature.

                    Kick features sucks and are mean towards nooobs.


                    • #11
                      Adding a FF option that requires less than 5 votes is debatable. Adding one where the ENTIRE team agrees is NOT.

                      Who are you, some random guy on the internet, to tell 5 individuals that their desire to quit playing a game is incorrect? They can think for themselves, and if an entire team is not having fun, which is the entire fucking point of videogames, they should be able to end it.

                      It still blows my mind that this is even a debate.
                      Change has kept DotA alive, evolving, and improving since 2002. And now DotA has an entire new engine at it's disposal, with infinite new capabilities.

                      So why are there so many DotA fundamentalists/conservatives that oppose new features, options, and information?

                      Embrace the change.