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Dashboard needs a lot of polish

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  • Dashboard needs a lot of polish

    Hey everyone,

    I posted this on reddit about a month ago but I think this would get a lot more visibility from the devs here. Basically I think the Dashboard is currently is a bit of a mess. Will try to describe below the things I think it needs:

    An actual, redesigned Armory. I mean, there's no easy way to sort those thousands of chests and player cards I have and put them in the last page, for example. It's extremely time consuming and could be all undone by a single misclick on "Sort By". Dota 2 has a major item "meta game" and the Armory being so bad at sorting your precious items sort of undermine this. It needs, at least, a multiple selection thing where I can easily drag those chests and player cards from the TI3 compendium to the last page.

    Polishing bare bone features. During the beta, the weekly patches made so we got some very bare bone features. Guilds implementation is at best not horrible. The same can't be said about team match making and fantasy leagues which are kind of there but not ready. Ranked Match Making is finally here but all we get is a single number. No categories like silver, gold, etc, no ladder, no graphs showing MMR evolution with time. And why is Team Matchmaking and Ranked Matchmaking different things? Shouldn't the system automatically recognize if I search ranked with my predefined team and use a separate MMR for us?

    This lack of polish also apparent with stuff like training. Each training phase you pass gives you an item, but now items are only introduced later when you reach a full level with the presents. So you give a new player an item before teaching him what items are?

    Also, there's no reason why most content have to be glorified webpages. The Store is horribly slow and the Library content takes an inexcusable time to show hero profiles. The library should be instant, it should be the one stop shop for new players. Also it has to be kept updated, no excuses for wrong prices and stats on items. The tournament tabs are also just glorified web pages, take a long time to load and download multiple replays of a tournament is very frustrating and time consuming. Also, finding a tournament (say, MLG to download the free replays) involves clicking "next page" a lot until you find it. Why not a simple search option?

    The initial page has the Dota 2 blog taking half of the screen, and while the blog has pretty good content, it's not so frequently updated that it needs such prime screen real state. Maybe a Blizzard style card with the description and picture of the most recent post? The initial page could use, for example, a "live tournaments right now" feature or "live games your friends are playing", among many other things more useful than the blog. Again, it's not that the blog is bad, it's very good, but most of the time you have already seen the content and don't need it to take half of the initial screen.

    Top tabs. The top tabs are kind of unequal. First, there's "Store", that leads to another subtab named Store and also has Armory, which doesn't make much sense and it's not very intuitive. "Today", as mentioned above, is mostly useless, except maybe for patch notes. "Play" and "Watch", which are the big, important ones, should maybe have more visibility. "Library" I've last used maybe a year ago and it's usually better and more informative to just alt tab to the dota 2 wiki, and finally "Community" I have probably clicked once. Not saying any of those should go and I'm definitely not an UI expert, but these seem so unbalanced in purpose.

    Also, under "Play", the left column has the same problem: all options look the same, while "Find Match" and "Find Ranked Match" are easily the most important ones. Inside Find Match, you have very important match options, like game mode, server and language, given only the most basic UI form with simple check boxes hidden behind buttons. Why not give them distinctive images like the patch notes have? Why not have, for example, Captains Draft having a beautiful shot of Kunkka looking through a telescope, not hidden behind a "Select" button. Why not have pretty flags next to language options?

    The profile screen. It's bloated and mostly useless. The TI3 compendium needs to lose its precious place on the screen, the "most successful heroes" is hardly relevant and there's so much more that could be in there. Think of GTA style stats, where they keep track of everything and you can check out lifetime kills, lifetime towers destroyed, etc. It's easy to implement and feels so great to see accumulated stats. Related to that is...

    More stats. Why aren't the end of game stats as comprehensive as in Dota 1? Stats are fun. Having "tower destroyed" stats and "healing stats" makes you feel better. Currently I have to go to Dotabuff to check my records, however TF2 has them. There has to be incentives to not play carry and stuff like "wards placed" on an end game screen would go great lengths to help it IMO.

    Would like to hear your opinion on this. Does these things bother anyone else? I love the frequency of the current updates, but I would love if Valve did a huge "polish update". No new features, only bug fixing and improvement of existing features.
    Last edited by jpjandrade; 01-18-2014, 05:41 AM.

  • #2
    I agree with a lot of that. All my friends constantly complain about having to sort their items one by one if they want them in a particular layout. And then there is always the chance they can accidentally click 'sort items' and have to spend 10 minutes arranging their items 1 by 1 again. An option to "lock" a page would help a lot with that. The Library tab is practally not used by anyone. I didn't even remember it was there until i read this. The Store tab should be dedicated to the store. The armory must literally be accessed by people 1000 times more than the library. And yet it is only a subsection of the store tab. The "Today" tab is also pretty depressing. Nothing goes on in it except once every now and then.

    Basically i agree with the OPs idea that the main dota 2 screen can have a lot of changes made that would make it look more appealing better organized and more comfortable for users
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