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Abandon/Leave button missing.

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  • Abandon/Leave button missing.

    I've been told there is an abandon/leave button if I switch to the main menu while in-game. However, the only thing on the main window (under the "play" tab) is a loading bar with "Connected to game." displayed below it. Thus my only option of actually leaving a game is to hit the power button and exit out of Dota 2 completely.

    I'm not sure if it's a problem with my resolution (1366 x 768) or client but this bug doesn't seem to affect other people I've spoken with in chat.

  • #2
    Doesn't it have a "disconnect" button below the "Connected to Game"?? I'm quite sure about that

    Or maybe, Valve may have done that intentionally because you know, abandoning/leaving a game would be of great nuisance to other players... So the only way to leave a game perhaps is to exit out of DotA 2 so that you'll be havin an inconvenience yourself.
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      There is no disconnect button indeed. However, you can close the game and restart it, then you have the option to reconnect or leave the game.


      • #4
        That seems rather roundabout and I know I've seen something like a leave button in some streams.


        • #5
          Concede option?


          • #6
            sounds like a stupid reason to take it out


            • #7
              Disconcerting has become a problem to me! Make the Reconnect time longer! And stop this dumb low priority stuff! It is really unfair!!


              • #8
                Originally posted by ocoroloco View Post
                Disconcerting has become a problem to me! Make the Reconnect time longer! And stop this dumb low priority stuff! It is really unfair!!
                It actually punishes disrupting players, which I find to be very reasonable. If you have connection problems, that sucks for you but I stand by the mechanic.
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                  It only appears if the game is safe to leave.