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Suggestions ! (a lot ! ) it would be great if some admin or dev read this !

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    no, i`m not looking for hon 2, i just said some interface improovements, like, ingame ping, gpm, stuff like that. a surrender and a kick sistem IMO is really important. i guess not in the ``early`` beta, because we dont have that much players, and they could make the level thing work soon. because HON's PSR/MMR sistem is broken.


    • #17
      an orb effect changer is not an interface improvement


      • #18
        Originally posted by vladhood View Post
        an orb effect changer is not an interface improvement
        You clearly misunderstood, what he means is a button which changes the orb effect in your inventory to use. If you have deso and life steal, clicking the button will change the one you want to be active. You might still be against this though.

        As usual everyone is over-aggressive just because they saw the word "Hon" even though the OP has only good intentions in mind. You don't have to agree any of the suggestions, but treat them like any other suggestion on these forums.


        • #19
          er, how exactly did i misunderstand? that is not an interface improvement in any regard lol


          • #20
            Originally posted by vladhood View Post
            er, how exactly did i misunderstand? that is not an interface improvement in any regard lol
            Yeah I was looking at your earlier post about it and it was on the other page so I quoted this one. The point is you were making a big deal out of it, though in fact it doesn't look like a big deal at all. Who uses two orbs anyway and you don't gain enough out of frantically hitting an extra button each time you attack. So I thought you were thinking something else like having the ability change your life steal orb into a slow one even though you don't have a slow orb in your inventory.

            I never use two orbs but I thought there was a way of changing the one you are using anyway by changing their slots or something?


            • #21
              the only situation i know that i might sometime,eventually use two orbs is playing as void, i use desolator+madness (but thats not very common) you hit the first time with desolator then you change to madness.


              • #22
                Originally posted by Zasz View Post
                I never use two orbs but I thought there was a way of changing the one you are using anyway by changing their slots or something?


                • #23
                  at least spell system correctly..


                  • #24
                    Just go play HoN.


                    • #25
                      Your list are mostly based on hon function which I don't hope to see. The concede system might be the only one I'm willing to accept, but never at 15 min. That's to early, around 30 min would be good.

                      The reason for the concede function is sometimes when you play a game the other team is pro-longing which makes the game so boring. And there is just sometimes that you're matched with someone that is completely over his head and never listens to team mates. Which makes me sad.

                      But even thou after the beta DotA's MM system will probably take ratings in to count, which then you will meet player at your skill level. If that's the point I don't see a reason for concede then. Because I usually play the game until it's a lose/win.

                      And to OP I don't want DotA 2 to copy things from HoN. I left that game for so many reasons, I even uninstalled it from my computer because I hated it so much.


                      • #26
                        dont be ridiculous, Dota is not any other game, so keep it in your minds before you start suggesting absolutely stupid ideas like this


                        • #27
                          Never mind that most of these ideas are about HoN, just about everything on your list is stuff that you feel is restricting you for some reason or another.

                          Thats not a good reason to change things.

                          Thankfully, as said many of these ideas are from HoN. So you can go play HoN. Recognize the difference between suggestions that will improve Dota 2, and suggestions that turn Dota 2 into HoN. Also recognize the difference between accessibility and dumbing down the game.

                          Frankly, ive never been convinced by arguments that say dota 1 players are elitist and that they should allow for changes that make the game more accessible. At least 20 million people play Dota 1 without ragefesting the internet, while at the most 2 million carebears play LoL saying dota 1 is too harsh.
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                                I think all of that has been discussed in different threads already.