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Co-op bot games being counted as PvP games

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  • Co-op bot games being counted as PvP games

    Hello. I decided to register since I noticed something odd within the past few days and I've not seen anyone else mention this. I play co-op bot games mainly because I like to practice heroes extensively without having my w/l ratio being tracked and still obtain battle points and item drops. But when there was apparently a different bug (which I wasn't aware at the time was a bug) that did not allow me to get item drops for my co-op bot games, I decided to play a PvP just for a chance of an item drop. Shortly afterwards, the item drops for co-op bot games seemed to be fixed but around this time, I also noticed my co-op bot games were being tracked as if they were PvP games. My wins, losses, games played, and hero statistics were all being registered as if I was playing an actual game against human opponents. On the website, Dotabuff, it seems to be tracking my real games correctly though. Please look into this because it's really bothering me and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

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    Hey dude, just wanted you to know you are not the only one and I was actually trying find information about this as well.

    My games are being recorded incorrectly as well. I started playing near early Feb and have been playing coop for learning. Now my stats are incorrect for some reason (including most successful champs display). My profile reads that I have 2 games on record with 50% abandon rate and 1 loss, yet my match history says otherwise.
    profile.png matches.png
    I don't know what to do for fear of it getting worse. Here's to hoping a developer sees this and knows what to do.

    Happened in default Dota 2
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      This is an update to the error with my (and possibly other's) profile data. I read some of the patch notes thinking that my stats would fixed. They did not.

      As a consequence of the erroneous abandonment rate, I am placed into the low priority punishment pool in co-op games now.
      This was as of 4/8/2014 in default Dota2.
      profile2.png matches2.png priority.png