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Adding vote kick in RMM solo! Highly needed,read why.

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  • Adding vote kick in RMM solo! Highly needed,read why.

    Like wouldn't this be something? 1 guy on your team is going full retard mode,from feeding couriers,giving him self as a free frag to the enemy to simply making every one on the team give up from his actions! What you do? There is a option,for an example; -votekick blue(for kicking radiant 1st in the row player and etc. ). We make it like 4 people from the same team and maybe 1 from the opponent team,or 2,but considering how RMM works and how people are unfair and want that +25 so badly maybe 1 submit from the opponent team would be just enough,since it could be hard to get 2 considering that they want to feed them self on that game ruiner and secure their +25 ) So we can hope for 1 honest/fair human being on the opponent team who will type vote kick.
    And yeah,that option would use to kick game ruiners,courier feeders and etc. Yes,abandon system and low priority punishes them,but what if you still have a chance to win your game? The opponent team is simply to weak to push your base in the first 15 mins,but with feeding them self on 1 game ruiner they get the items they need and take your base and you lose. But yeah,there is that option,you make a voting,and easy that one guy is out. All of his reports in game are considered and the system looks it as he abandoned the game freely,what would be best of course,but he wont do it him self, since he wants to ruin your game and make you lose points 'cos his life is hard ((
    I dont need to go on,the concept I'm suggesting is pretty easy and understandable,I hope. So yeah,is there anything like this in LoL ranked maybe? Or in competitive CS:GO matches? I know in-house leagues in dota 1 had bots who had all sort of options for the 1 guy in charge.And yeah kick option worked just fine. Maybe this is not valve's policy regarding public and rmm games,but I think this option would be something. I dont know did anybody before make a thread with this suggestion or something alike this,and if,what was the reason for not implementing it into the game,dota 2 is out 4 years and I feel it really lacks this option for the players...
    THX for long read!
    tl;tr Make an option for the people from the same team to vote kicking that 5th cancer(game ruiner),if they want to continue as 4 and try hard for getting an win! When that 5th shit is feeding couriers and if you kick him and try and fail,you can still say that you tryed !!!! edit tl;tr 4 people from the unfortunate team + 2 from opponent team (so it doesnt get abused), only in solo que RMM,and maybe only for 5k++ games?

    Same post on reddit,in case it of more opinions;
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    there are various reasons why this is a terrible idea