I enjoy searching for games being played by my fav hero, and then watching those games.

But sometimes I see an awesome game, and then I have to go to the bathroom. By the time I get back to the computer, there is nothing on my screen except a message box saying the "DotaTV" stream ended. No final score screen, no match ID, no names of the players who were involved. I find myself racking my brain to try to remember who was playing the game. I'd like to see it again. But alas, I can't remember anything to help me find the match again.

Or I'm browsing around looking at player's dota profiles. And I see a player who is really good at my fav hero. But then I lose his page, and alas, I can't remember his name either. And I didn't friend him or anything, he's just gone forever, I'll never find him again.

Frantically I'll hit the forward and back buttons, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it'll take me to their page again. But alas, I overwrote it. It's gone forever, I'll never find that player / game / whatever again.

I find myself wishing there was one simple solution: a history page. Somewhere where I could bring up a page that would show every thing I've LOOKED AT recently, whether it's another user's profile, or an item page, or a menu somewhere, or a game I spectated... ANYTHING that I looked at will be there, with a link to take me right back to that page (assuming it still exists). Just like how IE / Crome / FireFox has a history page, it would be nice if the dota2 client had a similar "history" page to show everything you've looked at.

While you're at it, make it fancy with a nice search box, and sortable by various sorting methods.