The heroes tab is hogging way too much space, for not nearly enough content. It needs an overhaul.

Lately I've been looking up, or trying to look up, specific players' dota2 profiles in the Dota2 client. And it has proven to be a little bit more difficult than I think it should be.

I have to:

1) go to and search for "[playername] dota2 site:", and click the link to see their profile on dotabuff.
2) Look in the dotabuff page's URL to hopefully find their player ID number.
3) Go to the dota2 client, and in the bottom right, click "friends" and then "add friend".
4) Enter their playerID that I found on
5) And finally, if everything above worked, I should arrive at their profile page in the Dota2 client.

I follow the above steps every time. Seems a bit much, don't you think?


We need a "Players" tab. But I think it should be merged with the heroes tab.

So do this: Change the "Heroes" tab name to something more generic, such as... Vault.

It should then contain more sub tabs. instead of "Heroes" and "Global Items", make it have:

1) Heroes
2) Players
3) Teams
2) Global items? Move that to "shop" or "armory". It seems out of place here.

The "Heroes" tab would work the same as it does now.

The "Players" tab would be new: it would contain a place to browse and search for players, including those who are both online or offline, and hopefully with some advanced search and sorting options. This would allow me to easily search for a player, find their profile, view their recent games, and watch those games. There should be a focus on communication throughout this area, to help players learn about each other, watch each other's games, favorite each other, friend each other, and connect with each other through this tab. With privacy options of course.

The "Teams" tab would be new: it would contain a place to browse and search for teams and view their profiles. Hopefully with many cool features, not just a page with info, but with a huge focus on functionality, such as options to create a team, setup profile data for your team (text, logo, player photoes, etc), join a team, promote your team, get your team connected to tournaments, find players for your team, etc.