Sorry if I posted this somewhere wrong.
Summary: The search field in Watch tab is not working and is showing results from the incorrect tab.
Steps to reproduce (there may be other steps on doing this, but I will describe how I managed to do it):
1. On Armory, start searching for some item that you have.
2. Double-click the result to show the item.
3. Double-click the item to inspect it.
4. Go to Watch, start searching for some hero.
Expected results: a pop-up box with the hero list will appear, allowing to double-click one to auto-complete, or continue typing. Once done, pressing Enter or clicking the magnifying glass will filter the necessary results.
Actual results: a pop-up box that you used to see when searching in armory appears. No matter what you just typed, it's the same box that you saw after completing step 1. Double-clicking the result will lead you to armory to that item. Pressing Enter or clicking the magnifying glass does nothing.