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[Suggestion] Add a list of items to the 'Learn' tab

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  • [Suggestion] Add a list of items to the 'Learn' tab

    Both items and heroes are a very important part of the game, so why not learn about both the heroes and the items in the Learn tab?
    accidents waiting waiting to happen

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    Agreed. Something like an existing shop menu that is available without starting a practice game would be nice.


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      It's good people are suggesting this. But please search, Their are already TONS of threads about this.
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        Originally posted by Wootman View Post
        It's good people are suggesting this. But please search, Their are already TONS of threads about this.
        so valve or icefrog dint hear who post that?


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          just about to post. +1
          Originally posted by Radio
          I can't fathom how can one think that anything from WC3 looks better than its DOTA 2 counterpart, those graphics are 12 years old and the effects plain suck - if you look at the from today's perspective.


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              Yes please!
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                dang, looks like i've been beaten, many times before?

                copy pasta!

                I am really enjoying DOTA2, much moreso then DotA, I just facerolled my 5th match ever (8th match ever if you count my 3 bot games of DotA), and one of the big changes from LoL is the sheer amount of items, and some of the gold you have to spend on them (and of course the "secret" shops) I only just bought some of the more expensive items this last game, and I found myself short on time trying to read through what did what, I figured I would go to the learning tab to check out some of the more niche items, but when I got there, no item info to be found!

                I realize all this can be found on a wiki somewhere, but it would be nice if it were integrated into the client, and I don't imagine it would take too much coding or effort, but what do I know.

                also, how about some info on the types of mobs we will be facing in the game? jungle, siege, special guys, heck even towers, just basic info, after all it is the learning tab, I know 99% of the community will not find this useful at all, but 1% will love it, it'll also keep us from confusing our blink daggers from our boots in game.

                DOTA has a huge following, and can be very intimidating to get into, just knowing what is on the map will help a lot of the new community integrate a little more easily.

                thanks for the time spent reading this! sorry if I came off too nubbish. (also, is there a way to submit feedback through the client? I hope this is the right forum!)

                -The Don