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[Suggestion] Replace "Forgiving" with "Supporting"

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  • [Suggestion] Replace "Forgiving" with "Supporting"

    I thought about this:
    What about changing the commend-category called "Forgiving" with one called "Supporting".
    The new tab should be used for players who are good at supporting, this meaning buying courier, calling miss, buying/placing wards, and so forth.
    So, what do you think? :-)

    GeekinthePink ;-)

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      The commendation system is meant to be for the actual person rather than their hero choice or how well they played the hero. That's why there are no commendations for carrying well, supporting well, initiating etc.


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        No doubt, but I think everyone can agree, that especially in low-level PUB games, if you ward or not is determined by whether you're a nice person or not.. :P


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          And a report version 'picking carry and trashing supports' ?
          I do agree with Cowbrah, the commend system should be hero-independant.


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            I heard that "teaching" is only ment for people that play carry roles well, not support or others.
            I hear a lot of bullshit lately.


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              They should add more buttons and variety IMO.


              • #8
                When there is a "Pro Carrier" Button:

                ou boy we would have 3times more teams like
                naix sniper riki void sniper


                am bh drow morph juggger

                Everyone wants to be the cool girlwinning allkilling Carry!

                therefor i go with no, not even k/d.
                (must be funny to have a 10/1 k/d while a 2/8 w/L.)
                Originally posted by Ttempest
                Duh... its the IceFrog dude. Kinda like Chuck Norris just in Dota.


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                  i like this idea


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                    I agree that the commendation system should be independent of hero choices and should focus solely on the player. I think the "Forgiving" option is really for situations like one I found myself in where I was playing an unfamiliar hero and didn't support the carry I was babysitting very well. Instead of being rude about it, the carry I was laning with was forgiving and instead of flaming me, tried to help me out with pings and some guidance.
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