I play on a 15.4" laptop screen at 1366x768.

I ventured onto the "Watch" section of the gui today and I was pretty appalled at the way the games were listed. The names of players in participation are too small to read from a comfortable distance. The hero icons are too small, and not least too compacted together - despite heroes having unique character portraits I found it really hard to look at the tiny 2x4 grid of icons.

Currently each match in the gui occupies an unneccessary amount of horizontal space. Why not have each match occupy a box, that occupies the full vertical space of the "Watch" window, but only spans 1"-1.5" horizontally? This way you can enlarge the icons, put the player name under the portrait of each respective hero, and still be able to fit about 5 games per page - PLUS it will look a lot nicer.