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[Suggestion] Concede Function.

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  • [Suggestion] Concede Function.

    I feel that dota 2 would be better off with a form of forfeit option for games that are past the disputed comeback range. Like today i played a game where i randomed first, getting drow, then my teamed picked up clinkx and viper, with 3 carries on the team it was impossible 2 compete with the disable and stun coming from the opposing team.

    I understand where people are coming from when they state things like, its not in the game because combacks are possible. Well that is true but points in the game go beyond that, being a huge lvl advantage for one.

    I havent played dota as long as most of the people in the forums but i did start playing dota, and switched to hon. I nv played LOL becuase it was 2 different from dota and i perfer the competiveness of dota.

    I do not think concedeing will make the game to casual in fact i feel that staying in a game that is already lost is bad manner, but i do anyway to be a good sport.

    If we cant have it in the game then perhaps the dota devs can give us 2 modes. For instance; Ranked and public games, public being concedable, and ranked not being so.

    Anyway thats all ive got for now. You are doing a great job on dota i am enjoying it greatly and will defintely purchase it during release. I would also like to hear your views on the subject to understand why the community hates the idea.


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    I disagree.


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      make a presence before mod close this thread.. newbie really dont know to search and read sad
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        Originally posted by xXSynXx View Post
        make a presence before mod close this thread.. newbie really dont know to search and read sad
        And which section to post in. Look, "today page".


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          even if i know there's already a thread regarding this topic, BUT since they don't listen it is okay to post more of these threads, so they MAYBE will know, that a concede/forfeit function is really WANTED by the community


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            they told about it already , and closed all the threads. anyway you can concede, if all the 5 players decide to leave, you wont get abandon, but the opponent team will get win and you a loss.
            thats all.
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