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I do not want to see it!!!

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  • I do not want to see it!!!

    I beg you remove it! this is the worst thing that could come up with!
    Make the ability to disable it!!!!I do not want to see it!!!

    I do know who killed me!! And this brings me terribly angry and can not continue the game!
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  • #2
    dont we have any console command to switch it off ?


    • #3
      first of all, dying is an important part of game, as it is for life.It should not make you angry, on the contrary you should embrace it and learn from it.I am sick of people saying"ahhhh i am a noob, i can't handle death recap because i see it 90% of the time i play..." You should keep in mind that this is a game and more you know about how you died, will help you more in the incoming fights.It is nice of you to open an account not to improve the game, but just whine about it. You will probably get angry at my post and reply in a bad way but that is fine since i will not take you seriously, at least not with that attitude.Anyway, it might be nice to add an option for people who doesn't wanna play any better than they play... but REMOVE IT I DONT WANT IT,ITMAKES ME ANGRY!!!!bla bla, is not the attitude to be taken seriously. Be productive, or don't do anything at all...
      The truth about DotA and VALVe... Some VALVe employees loved to play DotA and created a team. With this team they participated in a tournament, but they lost horribly...

      "We lost??? No way.... WE ARE GONNA MAKE OUR OWN GAME SO WE CAN OWN!"


      • #4
        I agree with dobacetr, and if that little window bugs you, then learn how to ignore it.


        • #5
          Found the portrait an interesting novelty at first - after a few games I really don't find it a bother.

          The 'more information' button is a very good feature for those situations where your life bar flies away and you fully understand what just happened.

          I think a more polished version might "auto-hide" the portrait (have it pull off the screen) portion but retain the button for a player's analysis while waiting for respawn.


          • #6
            add dota_killcam_show 0
            dota_sf_hud_killcam 0
            to your autoexe.cfg


            • #7
              Yeah. I am not against this feature. But please make the button and the text just the same width as a portrait. It seems a little messy with this view.
              (Both standing hard lines solo, wr and clock)
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              Mini: yeah. how r u?
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              • #8
                Just needs an "x" to close the window after you're done viewing it in my opinion.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Nickarus View Post
                  I think a more polished version might "auto-hide"
                  I dream about it!!!