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[Suggestion] Check your bound keys

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  • [Suggestion] Check your bound keys

    When rebinding keys, you can find it a bit frustrating to find the right key that isn't already bound.
    So why not have a tab that allows you to check just that.
    And yes, I do agree this is not top priority.

    Here's something I had in mind:

    Blue meaning it's a single button bind and yellow that it's to be used in conjunction with Alt.

    It has to have an automatic or manual detection of your keyboard (US, EU etc.)
    Also needs the Function and numpad keys

    Of course a good player knows his keys throughout, but that's not the case on new players. Valve wants to help the new players to get onboard easily and I would see this as one of those little things.

    Let me know what you think.
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    +1 sounds good, what dota2 need is alternative binding to same command, like ability 4 f and alt+q for example. Also remeber that eu has many different keyboards, not just 2 or 3 layouts, all slavic countri, northern and central have different keyboards.


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      I think this should be in the misc section. If the mods think so too, could you move?


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        +1, great idea.


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          Not necessary, but good idea
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            Yeah, it would be nice with a overview.


            • #7
              Hardly a priority, but I'd love to see something like this.


              • #9
                You don't need to have separate tab. It could pop up when you are trying to bind something and you just click on a free key to bind it. That way you don't need to go there and memorize free key and than back to bind section.
                Work in progress, feedback appreciated


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                  +1 for a nice clean overview and the idea about warning you if you try to bind a key that is already bound


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                      A good idea, I have my keyboard layout entirely different from the default settings and am still working to get it the way I need it to play effectively, especially when I random heros with more than the usual four skills (invoker, doom bringer, keeper of the light, rubick, etc) plus being able to activate items all with my left hand, and the right being mouse bound. Having a display like the OP showed would be an excellent help. To expand on it if the buttons could be further color coordinated, (red for items, blue for skills, yellow for move, etc) that would be helpful too.
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                            +1, why not. This could be an alternative if not even the main UI.

                            The keyboard detection (US/EU/CN/...) has to come with it though.
                            I just recognized that EU keyboard got one key more next to shift button^^