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  • Loading Animations

    Well, I already spoke about what I would love to see in DotA 2’s UI in my second post in this thread but I think the title would be misleading, regarding it speaks about triple-monitor systems.

    But I just wrote a reply in this thread, which also includes a suggestion for slightly changing the UI (for everyone, not just for multi-monitor setups).
    As I spoke about having a more “slammy” door animation, I would like you guys to rate this animation and come up with proposals to improve, too.

    To get more detailed information, please take your time to read my second post.
    Maybe you can add some ideas to improve the visual experience, too.

    Sincerely EB.

  • #2
    Oh my gosh that is awesome. I thought it was Valve made for a second there, great quality.


    • #3
      That is pretty sick, it looks so fine and smooth too.


      • #4
        Sick animations dude. I would be pretty disappointed if Valve doesn't accept this suggestion, looks awesome as hell.


        • #5
          looks like a waste of time to show the menu.

          ive already removed the valve logo intro and if i was possible id remove the doors too.

          i mean after 200+ games how many times do you want to see the same thing whenever you start dota 2.


          • #6
            Originally posted by doucheplayer View Post
            ive already removed the valve logo intro and if i was possible id remove the doors too

            i always hated menu animations in WC3, dont make same stuff here please...


            • #7
              8/10 will definitely "bang"

              i just don't like the waiting time before opening the door and the sparks. after watching it for like 10 times it really gets annoying and too distracting. other than that it must be implemented.


              • #8
                Thanks for the replies.

                First of all, my intension was to animate the loading. I totally agree that waiting to play, just because an animation is not finished is disturbing, but taking a closer look at what we are talking about, reveals that games always consist out of unique animations and without them we were still playing the good, old games, like the one with two white bars pushing a white square to achieve a goal, without anything special in it.

                Besides, I already got 600+ hours on playing L4D2 and am still not bored by the intro. Maybe this just applies to me, but I guess there will always be some people who don’t like such things and some who do.

                Anyhow, I tried to come up with a solution for people with a less powerful computer (average people don’t have a powerful computer as you can see here) as they most often need to load things for a certain amount of time. The red pulsing of the logo should only indicate that the game is loading. As you got a powerful computer you maybe won’t see it at all.

                In the next sentence I will use “UI” as the “Home screen” and “Game” as the game you are really playing “ingame”.
                Rethinking about that animation also brings up the option to use this for loading the game itself instead of just the UI i.e. closing the doors as you found a match and load the game. The door will open again as the game finished loading (disappearing of the top menu and the bottom chat etc. is needed too).

                As always, this is just a suggestion and I would like to know whether people like it, or not.

                Sincerely EB.
                Last edited by Eternal Black; 02-26-2012, 06:51 AM. Reason: Spelling mistakes


                • #9
                  WOw nice
                  System Spec for Bug Reporting:
                  CPU Make and model: Intel Core i7 2630QM
                  GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6970M , 2048mo
                  RAM: DDR3 1333 8GB
                  OS: Win7 Home premium 64bit
                  Resolution size: 1920*1080
                  Connection: T-Com 5Mbit/0,5Mbit


                  • #10
                    I'm keen for all the sexyness that would be awesomely possible to squish into the menu's, loading screens and every aspect of the game that is humanly possible.
                    Nice work with it I hope valve take it to heart and brew up something and for all you haters of all things shiny ... Why not launch everything from a CMD window & consoles.
                    Ignore them Eternal haters gonna hate, your shit is awesome !


                    • #11
                      Looks cool and way more natural than the current motions, but I would argue that the entire UI needs to be re-thought.
                      Try launching Dota 2 without an internet connection and the doors stay shut. I hope that you'll be able to play this game offline at some point, at least in practice mode with bots.
                      This ain't ova.


                      • #12
                        8/10 its really good. Hope Valve will use this.
                        My suggestions:
                        Make the Swap Box smaller
                        Dota 2 Missing Call Hero Preview (Better for new players)