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[Suggestion] Camera height too low and unit-clicking issues

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  • [Suggestion] Camera height too low and unit-clicking issues

    We do hear losts of players talking about user interface issues, the most two problems they complain about, are camera height and unit-clicking.

    1. It's no doubt that the height of camera in dota2 are lower than the one in dota1.
    The lower camera is, the less thing you could see at the same time.

    In dota1, if some force-moving skills catch your hero, such as pudge's hook or vs's swap, you could at least know what happened, and quickly find out the location where your hero is, because your sight is large
    but in dota2, if the same things happen, maybe you would have no any idea, and cannot find your hero's location quickly enough to escape from death

    So suggestion one is, can designers add a variable, which allows players to customize their own parameter to the height of camera?

    2. Also no doubt that dota2's unit-click metiod is very different from dota1.
    When mutiple allied and foe units are mixed together, it's still too difficult to click the target you want quickly and accuracy.

    Please believe us, a tiny tiny colored arrow to the big main cursor won't slove the problem.

    In dota1, you will easily know what kind of unit your mouse is pointing at, red cursor stands for enemy, yellow stands for neutral, and green stands for ally.
    In dota2, because a contour will show up at the unit you are point, somehow it's too bold that might confuse the color of your cursor, you will need to spend a little and extra time to recongize which unit you want to click.

    So suggestion two is, make whole new cursors, different type of unit differ from each other. Like regular main cursor is a arrowhead, the attack cursor is a different cross shape, and skill-cast cursor is another circle shape, etc.

    If these two issues are sloved, we belive dota2 will be much more friendly to those dota1 players who are interested enough to join dota2.
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    1. Camera height can be adjusted, but it's a cheat. I did not play dota1 to know how the camera compares. Coming from LoL I feel the UI and camera distance is very restrictive. However I understand it's a skill (map awareness) that needs to be equal for everyone. I personally would like it to be zoomed out a bit more, but I'm overall happy with it as it is.

    2. I like the cursor idea! I don't confuse these often, but when I do it's annoying to click the wrong creep.