Hello Dota 2 developers,

Playing over 1.4k hours and most of them with my friends in party, I have noticed that dota 2 do not have option or command to check AFK/readiness.
After long game session we usually write in chat something like "15 mins break", but in reality they return after 30-40 mins and the one who always returns on time keeps asking in chat "who is here?".

How it should work?:
1. Party leader (or maybe any party member) click button "Check readiness" (or suggest below how this procedure should be called)
2. Other party members will receive "Yes/No" popup window (with timeout counter)
3. If party member clicks "Yes", it should be illustrated that he is here/ready (other members should be able to see it)
4. if party member is AFK, of course popup window timeout expires it auto clicks "No" and this also should be illustrated that he is afk/not ready (other members should be able to see it)

As a sample you can refer to "World of Warcraft" implementation.


Sorry for my english