Link to Gallery for Visuals: image has a description commenting what was done and most you will need to click to enlarge since I didn't think how it would look on imgur.Comments:This is not a big deal and is a simple suggestion to bring back a feature from the original client to reborn. I know for some players (especially new ones) it would help focus their preferences that might compliment their team or counter the enemy team.Extra:Could implement a bit more by adding to the text string when alt+ctrl clicking a hero saying "Player favors playing [Pangolier]." This could help noting to others what your preferences are and compliment the suggesting alt click.I would like to note that I tried my best to read through the forum rules so hopefully I have posted this in the correct place. If I have not please feel free to redirect me as this suggestion would go across multiple sections technically.Tell me what ya'll think and have a great day,