Hi! First post here, posted this over at r/dota2 here but figured I'd have better luck here. I suppose this is the right section. Will just copy-paste what I wrote in the post. (Also, why on earth can't I format text here?)

This has annoyed me so much since Reborn came out but was always too lazy to type it out. This simply concerns managing the party and finding match and I'm surprised nobody ever made a post about it considering everybody encounters this.

More important. If you have 2 regions selected for matchmaking, in my case SEA and Dubai. I get around 85 ping on Dubai and around 150 on SEA. If I select both and click "Find Match", dota will automatically deselect SEA and only search for Dubai.

The only scenario in which I can choose both is if I have a friend who has equally bad pings in both regions. This is specially important because I'm often playing in one of my friend's LP matches and you can rarely find LP matches in Dubai (have to wait a really long time) whereas it's guaranteed to find an LP match within 3 minutes in SEA. But still, if I can find an LP match in Dubai, I'd prefer that but SEA is also fine. And hence I'd like to select both regions.

But dota thinks it knows better, if I wanted auto selection, I'd choose "Automatically pick my region". Make manual selection work please.

If one of my friends is a party leader and he hands over the leader status to me and I try to invite someone by clicking the green plus button, it suggests "Please Invite ABC to party (Send Invite)" despite me being the leader. If I click it again, it may actually invite him but it may also suggest invite again. Right clicking the name and choosing "Invite to Party" always works though.

While we're at it, why does a party inherit the LP status of a coach?