Suggesting a new button that simply mutes your party members inside the dota ingame voice.

This button would be a very good QoL addition for anyone who teams up. Most players use external voice programs and consequentially they will hear their teammates twice whenever they use the ingame voice chat to talk to other non-party players.

I am very aware that you can configure voice programs to have a push-to-mute functionality on the button that activates the dota ingame voice chat, but this is not too convenient. Whenever you tab outside of Dota and use your ingame voice chat key (mine is 'H') for normal browsing or other OS related stuff you will be muted. The voice programs cannot distinguish between you being inside a dota match or actually using your button for other stuff where you do not want to be muted. Also this way you will hear your teammates ingame talk via dota voice and not external voice (since the latter is push-to-mute'd).

The other alternative is to mute your teammates ingame, but that feature was not made for this. First off all you will no longer be able to receive party invites from anyone that is voice muted (even if it's your friend). Second, you would have to mute all your friends you play with individually. The advantage with this method is you will always hear your party members through external voice, even if they use ingame voice chat.

Keeping the above in mind I think this feature would be a very welcome QoL addition. A request in this direction pops up every now and then on reddit and after giving it a lot of thought I think this is the best solution for this issue. It is 1) convenient; 2) can be toggled off/on quickly; 3) does not require any specific configuration for your external voice chat and 4) does not require you to individually mute your friends.

The button should be close to the party window on the bottom left of the dashboard, I simply put it beside the broadcast button but it can be anywhere in that area: