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Choose preferred role (Carry, Ganker, etc) in matchmaking settings

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  • Choose preferred role (Carry, Ganker, etc) in matchmaking settings

    Allow a player to choose his preferred role in his matchmaking settings, available roles are the same found on hero description: Carry, Ganker, Support, etc.

    That way, we won't have 5 pub players all choosing a carry hero.

    Of course, how should the system pair it up? 1 Carry, 2 Carries, how many Support? All that is not so critical, just mix it up, as long as we don't have 4 or 5 of each role.

    When the screen loads, we should have a bracketed role next to the player to keep them honest. E.g. it would say Fusionist (Ganker).

    I don't think we should force the player to pick the role they selected by only providing that option to them, just highlighting their preference is good enough.

    A main problem today is an imbalanced role lineup (OMG 5 carries), which could be unintentional as everyone just happened to want to play carry during that game.

    This also helps people who want to train a particular role, e.g. if I want to practice a ganker, I can be relatively at ease that there won't be 3 other gankers as well.
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  • #2
    OMG... i was thinking about this yesterday.
    I think that when player base is large enought it would be a good feature.

    Althought at low lvls its a problem.. higher lvl ppl at least answer chat and u get better picks.


    • #3
      What happens when the person says 'i will queue for carry' and then decides to play a support hero?

      What about when you dont want a set composition of 1 carry 2 supports 1 ganker 1 initiator?

      I dont think there should be something this limiting in the system.


      • #4
        It does not force u to pick those heroes if i understand correctly. But its a quick way of showing teammates what u are going to pick or ur play style.

        say u enter queue selecting "Prefers support" and when u are in pick mode u select a carry... u making it wrong.. but it shows ur teammates what u prefer to play...

        It does not limit u... it would just avoid to group for instance.. 5 persons that decide to pick 5 carrys.


        • #5
          Hmmm... so a way to indicate what role you intend to play. Again, a hero role is subjective and a player could pick night stalker and say I want to support, or they can pick crystal maiden and say I will play carry CM. It's not a bad idea, just needs to be explored and refined.


          • #6
            Yup it's not perfect and it won't be, but it'll be better than what we have now. Actually might even be better if we can check multiple roles and the loading screen shows:

            Fusionist (Carry, Ganker)
            AAA (Carry, Support)
            BBB (Support)
            CCC (Initiator, Ganker)
            DDD (Carry, Ganker, Support)

            So we can see at a glance BBB wants to play support so let him/her, CCC is better off with Initiator (only one), DDD Ganker, and AAA and myself can carry. It will help alot to just discuss in the first 20s who wants to play what, and if BBB says in chat he changed his mind and wants to play carry instead, that's fine, but this is something to start off with, instead of the 5 people choosing 5 carries at once in a lot of pub games.


            • #7
              It's task of Optimal control.
              Looks like pretty good, but I think you always can go play cm in normal team, while taking fun in public...


              • #8
                Another matchmaking setting? Developers didnt even implement a stats system....
                Give them time.


                • #9
                  But who you wanna play also depends on who the enemy has..


                  • #10
                    with this setting you are more likly to be getting a decent mix of players instead of haveing 5 people that only play carry in 100% of their games


                    • #11
                      I was thinking about this today, but your idea blew mines out of the water. This is sort of what they do in WoW with random dungeon queues and roles. I think for this to work you can have the player select what role he wants to play before he queues in a ALL PICK GAME and allow him to change it every time he queues. Maybe he wants to play carry one game than change and play support or tank. That way you are not doomed to playing a carry for the rest of your dota life.


                      • #12
                        i know u stole my ideas
                        Originally posted by andreya View Post
                        i hope matchmaking can give role filter
                        like in wow when searchparty/raid we can choose what role we want like carry support or ganker
                        so we not find 4 carry in 1team
                        and there is already thread for matchmaking feedback here

                        +1 anyway