It’s been a while since I last wrote here, but the last update is just a pain for everyone (trying to play or) playing on a multimonitor setup.
Best would be that you take a look on your own on these pictures and you will see that this is kind of really…. Uhm…. Well… strage.


I already wrote my opinion about stretching the UI for multimonitor-users, but to be honest… this was not what I had in mind. At the moment I am forced to “play” at a normal aspect ratio of 16:9 because otherwise this would have been unplayable.

I really appreciate the work of the developers but as written on it says: “To more efficiently use space in wider resolutions, we’ve made adjustments to the layout of the stats section.
I do agree that this layout looks much nicer than the old one but is a nightmare for everyone with “special” resolutions.
Don’t get me wrong, I really like it. As you read my two other threads (Widescreen/Triple-Monitor “issues” [5760x1080 120hz] and Loading Animations), I already talked about what I would love to see.
Especailly this Idea would be a great solution.

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So there wouldn’t be any need of adjusting the graphics/UI pictures or making pattern out of them.

I'll explain in short:
Keep the Vision as it is, but force the GUI to appear only on th middle screen.
Same goes for the "mouse-bonds", i.e. move the camera by moving the mouse to the middle monitor edges (the result would be that you arent able to click on the other monitors, but have vision).

Sincerely EB.