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Re: The new Hero Select Menu, Main Menu

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  • Re: The new Hero Select Menu, Main Menu

    Valve, I implore you to revert the horrible menu changes that you have imposed in the most recent test client update. The main menu looks cluttered and silly and hardly matches the established aesthetic (much like the new HUD still does, though I don't see that being reverted any time soon )

    As for the hero select menu, you have tried to "fix" what was undoubtedly not broken. The "grid" layout is obnoxious and frustrating, with the "cards" having lots of wasted space and squishing hero portraits to distort the heroes inside. Furthermore, selecting a card in this grid layout shifts the view to the spinning deck mode, which, I think, is completely obtuse and pointlessly hard to navigate.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Valve, please bring back the old menus. They may not have been perfect, but they were far closer to perfection that this new mess.

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    the card look for all pick seems unlikely to go away, but I think there's a few problems with it visually. In the new grid view, far too much space is taken up by the borders of cards.


    on a 1080 monitor, each card is only 60 pixels across, but the distance between images is around 80! that's a whole 1/4 of the vertical space being taken up by unnecessary borders in grid view. The solution to this obviously is to exclude the borders for the main grid view and only show them when "inspecting" a hero, this will allow far more space for the hero portrait itself which will improve readability of heroes.

    Additionally, many of the new icons are too dark or have awkward lighting which make them hard to read (new kunkka and omni for instance)

    finally, I'd like to be able to cut off any forced interaction with the spindle / "cover flow" style interface, which I assume is designed for newbies who choose to limit hero availability.
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      I will have to agree.
      Let me start with the dashboard:
      I like the layout of the old version 100 times better. Chat at the bottom along with friends and Dota-profile, Big nice artwork linking to the blog, featured games on the left. I know it still needs polish but the new layout is completely unintuitive and I do not just say that because I am used to the old one. That big "window" to the blog is just ugly. The link was sufficient and the artwork gave the whole thing the right flavor.
      Overall I agree with the OP on the easthetic of the dashboard as well. I expected it to be updated similar to the hero-UI with the dire rock. The way it is now it looks almost futuristic because the surfaces are so slick. Same goes for the sound it makes when you go over the tabs. Before, it was a rock-grinding sound which I very much prefer.
      But my biggest complaint about the new dashboard is how much space of the screen is wasted. Before, almost the entire screen was used for something and while I appreciate the cool new background, I feel like it's all a huge waste.

      The new hero-picker:
      I loved the cards in the kill-cam because they give you a lot of information in a very efficient way. BUT making the cards the new hero-picker was not a good idea, IMO. The last one just showed all heroes on the screen, already devided by their primary attribute and faction without a click. Even when you have it in grid-view and want to pick a hero, it brings you to a zoomed in window first before you get a pick-option. I know about the hot-key but I want the menu to be 100% mouse-controllable without problems. Why is the grid-mode not a stand-alone way to navigate and pick heroes? That would be alright but instead it brings you back to the "deck-view" in order to do anything like suggesting a hero (nice addition), picking a hero, favorite a hero (nice addition). There is so much empty space under the grid, just put the pick- suggest- and random-button there when people want to use that view. And why is the suggest-hero button so far from the selection? It should be right next to the pick-button. I love most of the new portraits for the cards but a lot of them have very weird angles that do the heroes no favors.

      I gotta be honest, I would not let this roll out tomorrow. Keep it in the test-client and work on it more.
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        cry babies. All i have to say


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          Dashboard, Hero selection both terrible. I just don't understand what goes through some heads over at Valve sometimes. Dota 2 kicks serious butt, but the aesthetic are just going from bad to worse in terms of menus and such.


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            Originally posted by natethegr8 View Post
            cry babies. All i have to say
            It is called "feedback". We are giving proper, honest feedback here without simple "new UI sux" etc.