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My feedback for the new dashboard

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  • My feedback for the new dashboard

    I'll try to wrap it up quickly.

    What I like about the new Dashboard:

    1. Overall aesthetic style of it.
    It looks clean, readable and nice for the eye.

    2. Expanded friends list and use of dota2 blog as a news section.

    What I don't like about the new Dashboard:

    1. Wasting too much space.
    courtesy of reddit/r/DotA2 user: hmnz ( hope you don't mind)
    Over 20% of it is completely unused.

    Funny thing, a while ago, HuskyStarcraft in this video praised Dota 2's UI for it's practical use of space and bashed Starcraft's Battle Net for wasting so much.

    2. Pink, animated background.
    It's too much of it (because of 1.) and it's very distracting. Also, I don't think pink is the way to go

    3. News section taking up almost half of the screen. Chat being in a very weird place.
    We really don't need a news section THIS big. Why not make it like here: (paint lvl over 9000)

    4. Lack of important information in your profile section.
    I know you don't want the player to feel discouraged by seeing her/his number of losses, but it's still an important stat. So it should be there. As well as a number of abandons.
    Also there is so much space left, that such stats as "most played heroes", "your best heroes" or similar, can be displayed as well.

    5. Lack of top live matches.
    I really liked this feature on the front page. You could easily check out interesting matches and hop into the game right away, if you don't feel like playing yourself. And I know I can just click 'watch' on the top and it's almost the same. But for me it meant, that watching Dota is so fun and important, that it's featured the front page. And we have still a good amount of space to fill, so it wouldn't be a problem to put it in again.

    People really liked the layout of the old UI. But some people really like the new one. So maybe make every window customizable? It's a lot of work, but then everybody would be happy. Or at least bring the old layout with the new style and innovations

    Hope I helped somehow.

  • #2
    Pink was the worst part of the new dashboard. I'm serious.


    • #3
      Hey man, is the losses/abandoned stats really gone? Even when you check your profile?


      • #4
        Thanks for providing the DOTA2 UI vs SC2 youtube link. It is very relevant.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Kenchang13 View Post
          Hey man, is the losses/abandoned stats really gone? Even when you check your profile?
          If you open your profile, it's still there (but in small letters). Check out the video by the guy from reddit:


          • #6
            Wasting too much space.
            I disagree. If you have extra space , doesn't mean you should use it.

            I'm liking the new one.


            • #7
              Originally posted by Sagitarii View Post
              If you open your profile, it's still there (but in small letters). Check out the video by the guy from reddit:
              Thank you for this man!


              • #8
                pink color goes great with Dota 2 logo, its a nice transition from animated fire particles and black space on top of it.
                I would like to see larger chat, also I understand this "waste of space" is made for users with lower resolutions, hope to see update for those of us who use a much higher (sandbox would be great, to resize the way we like it). All in all, this is a great improvement, as we see work is finaly being done in this area! Best update so far!


                • #9
                  Completely agree with the waste of space. It should be enlarged quite a bit and minimum space should be left. I really don't care about the background but so much empty space is making it look bad. The pink also needs to change. DotA had some unique aspects about it, most of which are gone (hero titles, fun names, etc.). One of these was the battle scenes depicted in Kunkka's loadscreens. I really hope this background is changed to something like that, a battle scene.

                  Just another day.


                  • #10
                    I mean the overall design is pretty nice and looks good, but its to much wasted space! a few weeks ago "huskystarcraft" praised the dashboard of dota2 compaired so sc2 ( ), and now you did the exact same mistake like blizzard, use the space better and let it be a static background!


                    • #11
                      Good post OP


                      • #12
                        Blank space ≠ Wasted space

                        If everything was completely filled with information, it would be overwhelming, and not have much aesthetic appeal. I think the new dashboard actually uses it's space more efficiently than the old dashboard.

                        Not to mention that the update image (in that husky comparison video, it's Brewmaster) took up a huge amount of space in the old dashboard, a waste imo.

                        Pink was the worst part of the new dashboard. I'm serious.
                        This is a pretty minor thing.
                        Honestly it would be really cool if we could choose our own background image for the UI.
                        In fact you probably already can if you just find the image file.


                        • #13
                          ^ Yep and a good example Dashboard simplicity vs Hero Picker chaos


                          • #14
                            I don't like the verticality of it. The narrowness makes reading both the screen you're on and the chat harder to read.

                            Also, pink's not a good choice.