Sounds: The new ones are extremely annoying. The old sounds when hovering over the buttons in the top UI are a solid click sort of sound. The new sounds while hovering over the top ui are sort of like little thuds (not bad...) but they don't quite sync up. There is likely a half second delay when hovering over the buttons which makes the sound seam a bit laggy. The sound when depressing the button is good. After selecting a tab up top you are treated with a long stream of unending "bing bong bong bing bong bing....." you get my point. This annoying bing-bong noise is even more out of sync with the buttons, so you may roll your cursor down the screen, past the buttons and then you get the bing-bongs trailing afterwords. Not good at all. I think the most important thing is to simply sync up the new sounds and design them so that they end quickly so that you have a nice snappy audible response, and when you slide your cursor over a score of buttons you don't activate an echo of noise. The sounds when confirming matches and such are fine.

Hovering Windows: I think that this is a fine way of handling the different regions of information, but currently the amount of unused space makes the whole Dashboard seem tiny. Try going back and forth between the two and you will see exactly what I mean. If you have a background that moves behind the windows (which should be able to be disabled), you don't need as much space around the windows. The pink color is rather ugly by the way, I think of red not pink when I think of Dota2. When I see this new setup I want to grab the little windows and stretch them so that they cover the entire screen.

Top Tab Bar: Less wasted space +1 (I reported above on the sounds emanating from this)

Profile: Smaller +1. I don't need the most played heroes to be displayed in the primary tab. Please display the losses and abandoned up front. There is room for them so it is clear to me that it was a conscious decision not to include these things. I understand that you don't want to depress someone if they have a negative ratio (lots of people will). Including the abandoned number reminds people to maintain good conduct. Showing the losses along side the wins is what players want to see. I think DOTA and DOTA2 players are a competitive bunch, they can handle a bad ratio, this will drive them to get better and keep playing. (I think it unlikely many players will look at their ratio, begin to cry, and uninstall... lets keep a vast majority of the fan base happy).

Friends: I can see no problems +1

Chat: My problem with the new chat is that there is no way to make it the focus of the dashboard. We talked about keeping things centered before right?... After a quick browse through the blog and possibly the update notes every single person will be reading chat (or watching games) while they wait for their match. Every person will be looking over at the tiny chat box for many hours of their life. Please let us make this box bigger, and centered. Perhaps that is what the Socialize tab is going to do? I hope so. I'd like to keep several chat rooms open (so that I can watch responses from both at the same time), along with friend chat all on one screen.

Top Live Matches: Please put this back. How nice is it to be on chat and watch as the top live matches get updated? It's great, a steady stream of possible entertainment rotating before your eyes.

Hero Select: I think the new cards look very snazzy, and the default way they are displayed as a rotation is cool as well. This sortable rotation of cards should be a fun way for players new to DOTA to pick their Heroes. Now, for players who are more familiar with DOTA the new system is a serious inconvenience.
-switch to grid view
-select champ
-go to rotation card view to check skills
-select grid view again
Too much, way too much going back and forth. Have a proper grid view disconnected with the card rotation for the players who are somewhat knowledgeable but still want to quickly scan through hero skill sets to decide on their choice. I think this is going to be the majority of the DOTA player base, and the hero select system should be set up for them.
This is the way the new grid view should work: You select a hero, their card is displayed in full and you are able to move your cursor across the card and read their skill.

Setting up Matches: A bit annoying the tab doesn't become centered.

Green Finding Server/Match Tab: +1