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Hero poses in Learn Tab

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  • Hero poses in Learn Tab

    Enchantress angle feels a bit weird, unfocused or stretched , face smashed?.. not sure ---- Ursa bit off center while he moves , his head goes off the edge at one time.

    ES beard in the old UI felt as a different part , new one feels as if its part of his body model. A bit zoomed in , looks weaker on new one. --- Sand king looks like an Alien head trying to be happy but failing on the new one and as a Scorpion who is about to sting you on the old

    Her .... feels detached through animation old and new --- "If you got to ride fast , you got to ride sleeping" ----- Warlock .. picture says it

    Not a big deal , but the older angle is better , give sense that they are flying above you.
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  • #2
    Agreed with all of those


    • #3
      +1, especially sk and es. You might want to add WR too or the unnecessary focus on boobs (which are shiny too, making them even more distracting)


      • #4
        Batrider isn't sleeping, it's just that for some reason they decided to make him face us with his blind eye.
        Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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        • #5
          This new poses looks nice
          I just didnt like it so much the ES , its like, the arms must be show to te world ^^ (with my arms, feel my strenght)
          But dont need to be change it the new version it is cool ^^


          • #6
            What the hell with Earthshaker? What they did to him? What's up with his face? Did you see him animated? Now he looks drunk.
            Others looks great (especially sk)

            And warlock may be was better.

            Also, clinkz is still fapping.


            • #7
              I agree. However, it is up to Valve if they want to change some pictures back. I fully expect it to be another instance of "accept it and don't remember previous iterations."


              • #8
                Except for ES i disagree with all.


                • #9
                  agree with all


                  • #10
                    This thread and its comments made me lol.

                    Seriously though, terrible angles I hope they are reversed. +1 OP


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Recountal View Post
                      +1, especially sk and es. You might want to add WR too or the unnecessary focus on boobs (which are shiny too, making them even more distracting)
                      yes seriously windrunner portrait at least needs to revert . the boobs thing is stupid . she looked beautiful now she looks like a porn star.
                      all portraits should go back to normal.

                      i think the overall render quality is reduced because of the new hero picker thing where 4-5 hero portraits are to be animated on the fly .


                      • #12
                        I agree on Enchantress and Warlock. Her proportions are definitely squeezed vertically, and Warlock's new angle "shows off" his lower-res hood texture.

                        However, Earthshaker is a major improvement, IMO. The old portrait focused too much on his beard, which is not at all a major feature in-game. The new portrait silhouettes his head/shoulder shape much better.

                        Sand King is also an improvement, his face looks much more detailed and his tail is more present (more obvious when seen animated).

                        I like what they were going for on Ursa, but they sort of overdid it. There's a sweet spot somewhere between the old angle and the new angle.

                        Jakiro is just freaking awesome - looks like he's riding on steam, which fits is character design much better than the previous "foggy Halloween night" portrait.


                        • #13
                          Pretty sure these will be revised and optimal angles/poses will be found.

                          Enjoy the cleavage shots while you can