- The chat should be minimizable, along with the friends list
- The flame particles at the bottom should be on a toggle. Would help those with lower end computers (not to mention fix that strange lag that occurs when you scroll through the list of people in the current chat room with the scroll bar)
- The color of the background really doesn't fit with DoTA 2, a game filled with colors and life; perhaps instead of just a single gradient, the background can be colored in appropriately (trees with tree colors , etc.)?
- The way it goes from the detailed background to empty space with a bunch of sparks flying everywhere is extremely off, makes it look like the game forgot to scroll up the rest of the way into the dashboard. Perhaps a different design with the flames coming from an actual bonfire in the background would be better?
- The list for spectatable games: could we have different ways of viewing the list? (the way it is now, one with team and player names only, some others I can't think of atm). Also, showing the icon for dire and radiant side seem a bit redundant since it says which team the players are on in big bold letters, "The Radiant" and "The Dire".
- Under our name, why does it have to tell us what screen we're on? We can see what screen we're on.

That seems to be about it, if some of these suggestions are in the wrong part of the forum, I apologize.

EDIT: One more:

- The "Learn" tab. When choosing the filter to only display certain types of characters, can we have the rest of the portraits removed, or better yet, simply move the character portraits that are grayed out to a seperate bottom section of the list, and the ones that do match the filter go to the top of the list?