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New Dashboard= wasted space and hurts the eyes. Why?

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  • New Dashboard= wasted space and hurts the eyes. Why?

    Now I'm not one of those people who hate every single change, but this one is terrible, Valve.

    Incredible waste of space, runs badly on slower computers thanks to the animation, and the colors clash immensely. The last one was perfect, almost all of the space was used.

    Also, I can barely see the chat text now, and I'm on a 1680x1050 monitor!

    Suggestion, if we HAVE to keep this one: there are 3 windows as far as I can see on the main page, allow us to scale them to what we want maybe? I don't really need to see the new blog post, since I can access that on, let me scale it down so I can make my chat window larger.

  • #2
    the previous one is better.


    • #3
      A agree there is some waste of space... but I still think the new UI is simply awesome.

      I play on a 1920x1080 resolution and I can see everything pretty well, but I can't say in behalf of low resolution monitor users. I think they should keep this interface, but enlarge the space occupied by the chat.

      My oppinion is: Change the chat/profile/friend list to the left side of screen as well ass add a "minimize option" on the blog/update notes board. So, the player could minimize the blog in order to his profile/chat occupy its space.


      • #4
        I would very much like to have kept the original dashboard. It was functional, it looked good, and it had all the options that you wanted and needed in a layout that made full use of the screen. This one looks like, well, trash by comparison.


        • #5
          Not to discourage the Valve team or insult them in anyway... but this new dash is horrible. Please restore the old one.


          • #6
            I'm really enjoying the new one! The new color scheme is awesome, but it would be cool to have a variety of backgrounds. Maybe implement three or four different choices that randomly occur when logging in.

            Having the new blog post right there in the dash is pretty awesome, honestly. The entire idea of web implementation is pretty sweet, I wish more games could do this.

            Playing in 1280x800, I'm not having to strain my eyes at all with the new dash. Maybe it's just not optimized well for higher resolutions, but I'm loving it on my MBP.

            My only suggestion for improvement would be to incorporate the new hero picker mechanics into the learn tab somehow. I'd really like to be able to use all the same filters and select "favorite" heroes without having to create a lobby! I'm sure this is already on its way, though, so no complaints here.

            Overall, GREAT JOB GUYS!! I love how much the game is evolving. My friends and I were sort of getting tired of the old UI. It looked cluttered, and the color scheme was mediocre. This new one fits the overall feel of the game much better!