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WR's boobs is just so... distracting

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  • WR's boobs is just so... distracting

    I really liked WR because of her personality and comical lines. But now she just seems like every other sexy hero girl out there. I just cant stand looking at those boobs! Her green scarf was her asset in her old portrait but now, her scarf is hardly even noticeable since those boobs are shiny and all.
    Windrunner didn't need to show off her bust for players to like her, in fact, unlike the other typical sexy girl heroines, many players fell in love with her ever since she debuted in The International.

    I noticed that most female heroes have most of their portraits zoomed out so that the face up to the torso could be seen. All seemed to give emphasis to boobs. WTF?

    Traxex portrait however looks awesome, and you don't need boobs to show that. The camera angle is decent enough that you can see her face clearly and can see her quiver behind her, which defines her since she's an archer.

    So if Traxex can keep it cool without showing off her bust, why does the other girls have a portrait so zoomed out?
    Can't all of them (especially Windrunner) have an angle similar to Drow?

  • #2
    Agreed. +1

    Dota2 shouldn't appeal to the "big boobies everywhere" phenomenon. It is a bit weird and makes the game feel like LoL and other generic Beauty-Busty-Bashy girls everywhere that seem to please only people who fap to drawings and stuff (sorry for this last part, but is true).

    Except for Akasha(QoP), as it fits her Lore and is perfect as it is. But come on! Why did Lina, Crystal and WR had to fall under this stereotype? You did a good job turning it away from Traxex and now put three back there?


    • #3
      Dota 2 does not show nearly as much boobs as LoL, HoN or most games in general. There is no point in starting a tenth thread about this topic. Especially not in this subforum.
      Professional Mario Party host working as an Attorney part-time.


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        dwerhs e-sports


        • #5
          Not to mention Mirana. I think everyone can agree that the internet plays host to a plethora of boobs, and, indeed, with minimal searching one can find boobs of any dota 2 hero. Especially Chen. It makes sense for a few, such as QoP, but there's no point making every female hero busty.

          It comes off as a boring design, more than anything else.


          • #6
            No but the thing is, Windrunner has this really kiddy-teenager-ish voice, and those boobs... I feel dirty.


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              Art Feedback forum please.
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