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[Suggestion] Remove Losses Entirely

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  • [Suggestion] Remove Losses Entirely

    Out of all the various changes and improvements made in this week's update, I think one stands out as being a giant step forward: the removal of a player's losses from the dashboard. This has been bothering me, along with a lot of my Dota 2 friends, since I got into the beta. That being said, I think it should be taken one step further.


    Loss tracking should be removed entirely. Both wins and abandons should be shown on the main dashboard and on public profiles, but losses should not be displayed in any location.


    In the previous dashboard iteration, wins and losses were prominently displayed at the bottom of the screen. This was a major deterrent for many new players, especially those who played at LAN events or with friends. Many of my own friends have spent hundreds of hours in-game but have played almost exclusively against bots in fear of ruining their W/L ratio and attracting criticism.

    Additionally, due to how matchmaking systems work, players will always have a W/L ratio between 40 and 60%. With this logic, the current display of a player's wins and losses is entirely useless. Simply put, displaying losses serves no purpose other than to discourage players from entering matchmaking. Dota 2 should encourage public matchmaking as much as possible, and this is really the only thing that currently makes new players uncomfortable with queuing up.

    The win count should still be displayed, both on the dashboard and on public profiles, as a means of displaying a player's overall amount of experience.

    The downside to removing the losses would be less deterrent to leavers. This is why abandons should remain on the public profile (and possibly re-added to the dash) to deter players from leaving matches regularly. Besides, we have a report system for a reason...and it works!

    Some may argue that new players would be jumping straight into matches without ever practicing against bots. This is already happening, though, and the removal of the loss count would hardly affect it. If it does become a problem, you could require those "I just got my beta key" players to play a certain number of practice matches before they are able to enter matchmaking.


    I know this post will probably get a lot of flak, especially from long-time Dota veterans who have insanely good W/L ratios. Personally, I'd like to see Dota 2 surpass all of its competition and become immensely popular. Yes, it needs to retain its complexity and its highly-competitive nature...but it also needs to be welcoming to new players. Dropping the loss-tracking is the only thing keeping thousands of new Dota fans from queuing up, and it's frustrating to see long-time Dota fans telling new players to stay away, insisting that losses MUST be publicly displayed. Put simply, it's destructive to the community.

    Yes, I know that League of Legends incorporates this same logic: losses are not accounted for, and you can hover over anyone's name to see their player level and win count. I hardly ever agree with Riot Studios, and I dislike many aspects of their game...but I truly feel like they went in the right direction with this. In my mind, removing that loss count and only showing wins and abandons is the biggest improvement Dota 2 could possibly make, and I would love to see this implemented in a future patch.

    I'm being 100% honest here: if the loss count were removed, I *and several friends* would be playing ten pubs a day instead of a handful every month.

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      Strongly disagree, your losses are only visible to you anyways, and you should not feel bad about them. One request I have is for valve to also show a W/L ratio of just the last 30 days or something like that, I believe it would be useful to see whether we are improving.


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        Use the existing thread on this by Typhox.
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