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UI sounds are way too dominant and long

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  • UI sounds are way too dominant and long

    The sound effects on the UI are very dominant, and some pretty long. They distract the attention, and pretty soon they can become VERY annoying.

    Forn example, when I click on the tabs, it plays a like 5 seconds long sound. That is HORRIBLY LONG! I don't want to hear constant noise while navigating the UI. Something basic, that is used often should not have long sound. Keep long ones for major, not-so-often appearing effects, such as finding a match.
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  • #2
    Yep. I also really hate the fairy, my little pony, dreamy sound when clicking a tab. This is DOTA2, not neopets.


    • #3
      Originally posted by Catma View Post
      Yep. I also really hate the fairy, my little pony, dreamy sound when clicking a tab. This is DOTA2, not neopets.
      Storm[HUN] ~~~ Sic itur ad astra, per aspera. | [Dotabuff]


      • #4
        They should also add an option to just turn off these dashboard UI sounds outright. Does anyone know if there is a console command for this? These sounds are really annoying.


        • #5
          I liked the old, epic grinding stone sounds. These new ones sound too futuristic and lame.


          • #6
            In general this whole new interface is becoming so futuristic and glossy. I liked the old style with stones an it's sound way better.


            • #7
              The sound you get when you click a tab actually kinda reminds me of the hon sounds from the main menu, & the card selection screen for heroes reminds of the lol skin select for champions, hmm...


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                  But casual people like sounds! It makes it look atractive! Everything has to make a noice and be sparkly. Wether it serves a purpose or is easy to see/use doesn't matter.

                  VALVE please make a punishment system that punishes the offenders... not the team. Also ever heard about communication? Try it. It might solve a lot of debates/questions here on the forum.