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The MAIN reason why old Dashboard was better

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  • #16
    Originally posted by MakAA View Post
    No the dashboard is fine the hero picker is just uncool.
    Trust me its good.
    Yea I'm in agreement with you. The new layout of the dashboard is very nice and clean. It feels a lot more organized with the blog to the left and the chat/friends to the right.


    • #17

      I want old design back.


      • #18

        Bumping this because it's so much true.

        The current colors are good, though. If they could get the old UI and improve it from that kind of layout and implement the current colors and stuff it would be good.
        Fix how reconnection works now!


        • #19

          Support for bringing back the previous dashboard.


          • #20
            Spot on, OP.


            • #21
              To be honest, I agree with every post I read under this Thread.

              The new layout looks, well, new. Everything is spick, span and shiny. The reason I prefer the old one still though is the following:
              1. The new layout wastes space to the point that comparing the two make you wonder, did they really need to change the layout? If Dota2 rearranged everything into their awkward little boxes simply because they wanted that flamey dynamic effect, they should've left the dashboard alone and fiddled with the loading screen instead.
              2. The new layout's background is pink. No offense, I'm not a pink hater, I love pink. But does pink really fit into the Dota 2 feel? Even the background's transition between the flaming image from orange to pink feels forced.
              3. The UI design as well as the shiny new buttons and the smaller menu on top make for a NEO advanced civilization feel on the design that tapped into the color pink rather than the usual blue.
              4. The chat box really looks way too full now. (Content, not user list) Where spammers were ignorable because you could easily identify their usual one-line text in the old chat box. They now fill up twice the space in the brand new horizontally-challenged forum chat box.
              5. I can't read the names unless I put my head closer to the screen now.
              5. If I wanted a browser, I'd use a browser.


              • #22


                • #23
                  I don't even know what they were thinking when they changed a really well optimised space-wise UI to a tiny UI where you can barely see anything and wastes space everywhere to just give you a ''cool'' flame loop. It's just not useful. And UIs need to be useful, not pretty.


                  • #24
                    The new UI is totally sucks....
                    Very amatuer design!!! is so ugly and not user friendly!!!
                    giv me back old design, or enhance from old design will do!!!


                    • #25
                      The new UI looks pretty and all, and it works in concept, but it doesn't work well as a game menu. The white spaces are all off-balance and it just looks so sad and empty when you're finding a match; the space under the "Play" tab could be so much better utilized when waiting for other players. Everything is out of place and the chat box just doesn't seem to be in a good position - people are normally used to it being on the bottom of the screen i.e. facebook.

                      ...then again it could just be us older players getting so used to the old UI which wasn't actually broken. But the cosmetic change is pleasant, that's for sure. Just not sure the new layout actually works.


                      • #26
                        And i kinda hate to see the pinkish background with some flame underneath...


                        • #27
                          I'd have to agree with MakaA. The new dashboard is fine, just takes some getting used to imo. The hero picker is what needs to be reworked. I'm all for YUGIOH!!!!! style hero picking but it's not as easy to find heroes like the old one.

                          My 2cents... keep the dashboard, go back to the old hero picker xD


                          • #28
                            Originally posted by back2bassics View Post
                            I'd have to agree with MakaA. The new dashboard is fine, just takes some getting used to imo. The hero picker is what needs to be reworked. I'm all for YUGIOH!!!!! style hero picking but it's not as easy to find heroes like the old one.

                            My 2cents... keep the dashboard, go back to the old hero picker xD
                            you can change the hero picker style on top right corner...
                            grid view...

                            i very much love the old button on top left and right.... bigger size.
                            why make it so small?? god dammit...


                            • #29
                              Not as bad as the new hero picker but, still, the old dashboard was better and much more beautiful. It didn't look like a beta interface, while this one does. Please stop making changes to the dashboard, hero HUD, item icons, hero selection screen, etc, as they were already good-looking and working great.


                              • #30
                                i agree with it because the old dashboard is more better than new, the chat window is so small, and my dashboard is lagging because of the animations. sorry low specs of video card. lol.