Just wanted to say Thank you for this imo best update so far.
I am so glad to see work is being done in this area and some of the stuff looks amazing.
New hero picker is beautiful, people might disagree, but so far, most of the people flaming new style didnt know about GRID VIEW in top-right corner.
~~So the Grid View could be default, or steamcloud could simply save our settings on hero picker~~
New renders on Learn-tab look stunning!!! Example Slardar has a much better angle, sand king has so much nicer shadows, etc. Still hoping for nicer textures on body/clothing part.
Chat window is improvement but it really needs to be CENTERED! This is the only in my opinion major issue.
I see pink or violet color is being hated here, but for me it goes great with the rest of UI, especially Dota 2 Logo.
ps. would be great if we could get a sandbox or a re-sizer for these new windows, to counter the empty space.

once again, Thank you, it is looking better and better, keep it up!